Friday, September 11, 2015

Cruise 101 : Uncommon or Forgotten Packing List

I love this series! It is no secret that cruises are my favorite way to vacation, and doing this series really helps me get in the mood for my upcoming cruise! Often times when I was just starting to cruise, I would find myself searching for uncommon or unique items to pack to make my cruise easier. Also, each and every cruise, me or someone I was traveling with forgot something important. So when coming up with this series, I thought it would be a great idea to put all the uncommon, unique, and often forgotten items all on one list. Now, I am not saying that you need to pack every item on this list; I am just suggesting you look over this list, and decide what you think would help make your cruise better!   

* Travel alarm clock : To make sure you wake up on time for that excursion you booked (or when getting off the ship the last day), or to get a prime pool lounge chair. It also helps when you need to know what time it is but don't want to turn on the TV or try to find a watch since there aren't clocks in the staterooms. Plus no cord to take up cherished outlet space!

* Pop up hamper and fabric softener sheets : To keep all your dirty clothes in one place and smelling fresh! Bonus is it doesn't take up much space!

* Over the door shoe organizer : To keep all your toiletries organized and contained! Bathroom space is VERY limited on cruise ships, so this saves you lots of space. *On Freedom of the Seas, our balcony room had no need for this. There is plenty of storage space.*

* Wire hangers : Because there are never enough hangers. Ever.

* Highlighters/pens : To highlight things you want to do when you get your Cruise Compass. I suggest 2 colors, one for each person. And pens to fill out customs forms, extra gratuity envelopes, etc.

* Post-it notes : To leave notes for your stateroom attendant, or your cruise companion.

* Magnets : To hang up your cruise compass, or appointment cards (for the spa!!) so you don't forget. The walls are magnetic so you can use them to hang up papers anywhere.

* Suction cup hooks : To hang up wet swimsuits. Sometimes there is a string in the shower to use, or a hook or two on the bathroom door, but I prefer these to hand my swim suits in the stateroom so they dry quicker.

* Sunscreen/Unburn : Obviously. Favorites are : SolScents, Spray, Unburn

* Extra batteries for camera or charger : Often forgotten!! Don't miss out on photo opportunities because your camera dies!

* Extra SD cards : So much lighter than carrying a laptop to transfer pictures/videos

* Cross body purse : Great for port shopping. It keeps your hands free, and is great for keeping your purse close to you so you can keep an eye on it!

* Fresheners : Could be a room spray, scent pack or scent circle! I love a good tropical smell! *use a magnet to hold up a circle in the bathroom*

* Surge protector : So you can charge your camera, phone, tablet, and blow dry your hair at the same time! I want to try this one or this one.

* Wrinkle Release spray : You can't take an iron, so this helps get any wrinkles out of your clothes from traveling.

* Lysol wipes : Royal Caribbean is great about encouraging everyone to use hand sanitizer all the time. You can find hand sanitiser everywhere, but I like to wipe down the surfaces in the room at least once a day as a precaution.

* Clothes pins : To attach your towel to the lounge chair, or to hold your swimsuit on your balcony chair to dry quickly, but be sure you are out there when you do this!

* Dry Erase markers : For leaving messages on mirrors, great if you don't want to use post-it notes.

* Hand Sanitizer : Great for use in port.

* Extra bags : For all those souvenirs you buy, or for when you can't get your luggage packed just right.

* Ziploc bags : To help keep liquid items from spilling in your luggage and great for damp or wet clothes when traveling home.

Duct tape : Don't bring a whole roll, just a few strips, because life sometimes happens and you need duct tape.

Tervis or Yeti cup : To ensure you always have a cold beverage anywhere on the ship. Not necessary if you get the Coke package on RCI.

* Battery operated tea light candles : Because the rooms are dark and the bathroom light is harsh. Keep one on the night stand in case you need to get up in the middle of the night.

* Small First Aid kit : Because the doctor is expensive on board, and so is stuff like Advil, Band Aids, etc.

* Sweater Sorter : To help organize your small closet even better (store things like belts, socks, clutches, etc in here). Bonus, they don't take up that much room.

Let me know if you use any of these tips by sharing a photo on social media and use #ChattyCaitCruise101.

Cruise 101 will be a series based on mine and C's knowledge of cruising with Royal Caribbean to Caribbean ports. We have been to Nassau, Bahamas, Coco Cay, Bahamas (RC's private island), Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas and Phillipsburg, St Maarten. While the information I share is based off cruises with Royal Caribbean, and to these specific ports, most of the information is transferable to different itineraries and cruise lines. Be sure to do check with the cruise line you choose to see how it matches up with the information I am providing. All information given is based on my own experience, and is my own opinion. To See other posts in this series, click here. 

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  1. Whoa! These are things I would have NEVER thought of. So they don't have alarm clocks? I would have never known.



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