Monday, August 3, 2015

M+R Goals : August 2015 : Celebrate Him

Happy Monday!! Can you believe it is August already? I'm probably going to say that at least 5 more times!! Last month, my goal was not to be so negative. You know what? I wasn't negative, and it did so much for my marriage. I was a much more pleasant person and I could tell a difference in my attitude. July was a great month for our marriage.

Today is my wonderful husband's 26th birthday! I love celebrating his birthday all week long, but this year I decided I wanted to do something a little different. My goal for August is to celebrate him all month long!

Tonight we are headed to a restaurant in Chattanooga that we haven't ever tried before, Hennen's. I plan on taking cupcakes to church on Wednesday (if I can get them made) to celebrate again. We are going on vacation with my dad this month and we are going to celebrate with that part of the family then. So I plan to celebrate him all month long. It could be in the form of a card, a small random gift, or I could even take over cooking for a few nights. I hope at the end of the month he feels extra special and has enjoyed his birthday month!

Do you have a goal for your marriage/relationship for August?

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  1. Oh what a great goal! It's so important to make our men feel loved!



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