Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 2015 Favorites

How is it August? I mean seriously didn't we just get like 8 inches of snow the other day? I can't wrap my head around the fact that this year is going by so fast! Before you know it C and I will be headed to pick out pumpkins and packing for our cruise, not that I would complain about either.

July was a hot month. I really worked on getting a make up routine down and that meant minimal make up because I knew as soon as I would walk out the door, it would melt off anyway. Well, that is how I thought at least until I started using the De-slick make up setting spray by Urban Decay. I don't know why I never bought this before now. It is amazing at keeping my make up on, which in the dead of summer is a really hard thing to do.

Speaking of summer, who doesn't love a good glow? The highlight Jaclyn Hill made is beautiful! Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics is so amazing. I would cover my entire face with this stuff if it was socially acceptable. Oh who am I kidding. I do that anyway. I've been searching for a brush to use this with and I've tried several ones. I've tried both cheap and expensive brushes and my favorite brush to use is the Studio blush brush by E.L.F. I mean for $3 you just can't beat that!

One day, I ran out of my holy grail mascara (Maybelline Falsies) and didn't have a back up. I had a sample size of the Argan black oil mascara by Josie Maran and tried it on a whim. Turns out I love this just as much as the Falsies mascara! I'm almost done with the sample and have already purchased the full size. Plus it doesn't flake at all and stays put. It makes my lashes look amazing!

I broke down a few months ago and bought the Purity Made Simple by Philosophy, but I just didn't use it. I ran out of brush cleaner (I know! Apparently I ran out of everything!) and knew several people used this to clean their brushes. I did, and fell in love. Then I used it as a face wash and fell even more in love. I hate that it is pricey, but I will continue to pay that price until I find something I like better.

It is only August 5th and I already have a few favorites for August! Again, can you believe it is August!!!

What were your favorites in July? 

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  1. I loove the Purity cleanser for brushes and have been dying to get my hands on the champagne pop highlight! I'm obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, so I may have to purchase it just because she created it. :)



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