Monday, July 20, 2015

Year 4 (2013 - 2014)

I can't believe that C and I are so close to celebrating our 5th anniversary! I went back to look at our 4th year of marriage and quickly realized that I never did my yearly post. Hi, I'm Cait and I am a slacker. So I decided now was as good of a time as any to get this recap started. Prepare yourself for lots of pictures! 

[October 2013]
We celebrated our 4th anniversary on our first week long cruise

[November 2013]

[December 2013]
We enjoyed the lights at Rock City with friends and our Christmas came a few days early

[January 2014]
Winter storm Leon gave us a nice coat of snow. 

[February 2014]
Winter Storm Pax gave us a snow day together! 

[March 2014]
We were glamorous for a weekend. 

[April 2014]
We took a spontaneous road trip to NC to visit my mom while she was working. 

[May 2014]
I finally took C to his first Lookouts game

[June 2014]

[July 2014]
The phrase "Go big or go home" rang true for our firework display with my in-laws. 

[August 2014]

[August 2014]

[September 2014]
We saw a piece of history in downtown Chattanooga. 

 [September 2014]
I got to go to my first UGA game! 

[October 2014]
We continued our Pumpkin Day tradition

[October 2014]
We ended year 4 the same way we started, on a cruise! 

Here is to making year 5 the best year yet! 

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