Friday, July 24, 2015

No, We Don't Have Cable.

When people ask us if we have seen the newest episode of this show or that show (and yes I'm referring to The Bachelor) they are usually stunned when we say no because we don't have cable. It seems so crazy to a lot of people that we don't have cable. We have been cable free for a year or so and I can honestly say I don't plan on going back unless it is the year of the election in which case I will get cable for a short time then get rid of it again.

The cable package we had came with over 100 channels that included several music only channels. Our bill was $60 a month and we watched TV all the time. We would get home from work, make dinner then relax while watching TV several days a week. Our decision to cut cable was not for financial reasons, though that extra $60 a month sure is nice. It was because we were stuck in a rut and we didn't like it. Our lives were revolving around a schedule of our favorite shows. Making the call to give up cable was pretty difficult, but when we realized that Netflix had a few shows we liked, and we could still watch football games online it wasn't that big of a deal. 

We will still binge watch shows on Netflix, thanks Friends, but now we have so much more time. In our society, so much is centered around media, and to not be a slave to that is so refreshing. I feel we are much more positive people because we aren't sucked into the negativity of the media. Don't get me wrong, I occasionally miss watching Grey's Anatomy or some other show that I use to watch religiously, but the time I have now that I spend with my husband and my pup are so much more enjoyable.

Have you ever considered giving up cable? 

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  1. We don't have cable either. But we got rid of it for money reasons. We weren't using it at all. We have an antenna so we still get network channels and we have Netflix. With the internet for sports and such, we don't need anything else!



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