Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Is A Ruff Life

Woof woof! It is me, Chaco. How are you guys? Mom said I could take over today if I wanted, so I jumped up on her at the chance. I couldn't decide what to talk to you guys about because I've been so busy. Life as a dog sure is ruff. Hey, that is what I will talk about. It is a ruff life for a dog! 

First things first, you wake up and have to go outside to do your business. I always hate this part of the morning because I'm not always fully awake when mom or dad takes me out and I have been known to walk into things like chairs, plants, railing, posts, you name it. Mom always asks if I am okay before she laughs a little. 

The rest of the day is spent guarding the house. There are some seriously mischievous squirrels running around outside and I know they are just plotting to come inside and take all my toys. So I am on high alert until dad gets home from lunch. I like to hang out with dad. I wonder if he will share his lunch with me today? 

After dad leaves, it is back to guarding the house, those the squirrels seem less active at this time. I think it is because one of my humans came home and they run off scared. So I get to spend a little time playing with the tennis balls mom and dad leave me. I hate it though because sometimes I knock them under the TV stand and my nose is too big to get under there to get them. If I am really lucky, mom will have forgotten to get up the toy that has a squeaker in it, so I can destroy that! Mom really hates when I get a hold of those because there is toy guts all over the house. I don't mind it though. 

When my humans get home, it is lots of outside time and playing with them. They give the best belly rubs. I still make sure to guard the house from any potential intruders. Those squirrels have some buddies. Mom and dad call them "Leaves" and say that they won't do anything, but I know better than that. So as you can tell it is a long busy day. 

When mom and dad are winding down and getting ready for bed, mom lets me sit on the couch with her. Dad is closer to the door, so he is on guard duty, though he doesn't take the squirrels as serious as I do. This is usually when I realize how tired I am. Mom is even so surprised that I didn't want some of her popcicle when she offered to share. 

I'm usually asleep in a few minutes of being curled up near moms legs. Hey I need my beauty sleep so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow!

It is about time to go on high alert guard duty since mom is leaving for this thing she calls work. So until next time. Woof! Woof! - Chaco

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