Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why I'm not using a quick fix.

So many people, not just women, struggle with their weight. I am no different. I've started and failed so many different times when it came to getting in shape. I have been so tempted to use one of those quick fixes out there. You know the ones I am talking about right? The lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes kind of marketing crap that is out there. While stuff like that sounds so enticing, I just can't jump on board.

I've been pretty open about my struggle with my weight on the blog. I've tried so many different eating plans, workout plans, shakes, pills and tons of other stuff. Each and every time I failed. I would do decent for a while, but I always gained the weight back. It has taken a toll on my physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then one day it hit me. I wanted to lose weight for everyone else. Even the past times when I said it was for me, deep down, it wasn't. I did a whole lot of soul searching, praying, and even more praying about my health and how it was such a hurdle for me.

I've been doing what I can to stay pretty aware of what I eat and how often I exercise since the start of 2015, but May 11, 2015 is when something inside of me just clicked. Without making a big deal out of it, I started on this journey. There was no real motivation to start; it just happened. I started tracking my food, making much healthier choices, and doing everything I could to hit my step goal each day. I've not made any serious changes to my exercise habits, but I've revamped my eating. Sure I have treat meals every now and then, but I find myself reaching for an apple or carrots over chips or chocolate because I don't want the junk anymore. Before I felt like I had to give it up, and all I wanted was junk. I mean my favorite food in the world was donuts before May 11, but now, I'd have to go with zucchini. I still love donuts, but I would prefer eating scrambled eggs with spinach for breakfast over a donut...who am I?

In making this choice, changing my eating, and not making any major changes to my exercise routine, I have lost 7 lbs. That is more weight lost in the same amount of time from any previous attempts. I would have lost more if I hadn't eaten out 3 nights in a row. I am sure of it. So I'm not using a quick fix. I am not wanting to drop weight so quickly if it is just going to come back. My plan is to make a lifestyle change, not a 3 month change. So far, I'm on the right track. I want to put in the work because you get what you work for. I want to earn it. I want to take care of the only body I am given.

How do you feel about quick fixes?  

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