Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May 2015 Favorites

The month of May flew by, just like all the other months in 2015. I can't believe we are almost to the half way mark of 2015. Before you know it, it will be Christmas. Would you kill me if I said I am super excited about that???? Yes. Okay, then I'm not excited at all. #Imlying.

So in May, I realized that I am a major creature of habit. I basically wore the same exact jewelry every day. I carried the same purse every day. I wore the same perfume every day. Do I need to continue? Leave it to me to be the least exciting person ever. But, I bring you my May 2015 Favorites!

I've been on a gold kick obviously. I got the watch on our cruise last year, and the purse was my Christmas gift last year. I didn't think I would wear the watch as much as I have because it is gold, but I surprised myself when I wore it all month long. The MK purse I had asked for it for about 5 months. I love the brown color and gold accents, plus it holds everything I need it to without being majorly bulky!

This necklace I picked up just because I wanted a dainty gold necklace to wear with anything. I am currently searching for a higher quality one because I love this as much as I do. It is the perfect accessory to any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt. The little anchor reminds me so much of C.

I had been back and forth over this lipstick. I didn't want to spend the money on it, but that color. I walked into Sephora to pick up a few travel things early in May, pointed it out to C and he told me to get it. Naturally I didn't argue, and when he found this perfume I fell in love with him a little bit more. I've been searching for something that reminds me of the Black Currant Vanilla scent from Bath and Body Works and C found this. Don't ask me how I get black currant vanilla from it, but it reminds me of it. I'm almost out of the roller ball, and I dread buying a bigger size because of the price. Yikes! I guess cost per use is really what I should look at right? Either that or find a different perfume.

Here is to hoping June is just as fun as May!

Share your May favorites below. I love a good recommendation! 

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  1. I've missed you around here. So glad you're back! That purse looks perfect. I can tell it's big enough to carry everything but it doesn't look bulky. I love the necklace too!



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