Friday, June 12, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is quickly approaching. I'm very blessed to have 3 wonderful men in my life who all hold a title that includes father. First off, my actual father, then my step-father, and my father-in-law. All of these men are absolute blessings. Each one had taught me important lessons. My father loves me unconditionally even when I get on his nerves. My step-father stepped up and helped to raise me through my extremely annoying teenage years. My father-in-law has welcomed me with open arms in to his family and loves me like a daughter. Each of of these men are wonderful men who love God and strive to be like our heavenly Father. They all will be wonderful examples to my children and each one will be an excellent grandfather.

In saying all that, each one of these men in my life are completely different. I wish father's day gift shopping could be easy and I could buy them all the same thing, but that just isn't the case. So I have put together a list of gift ideas for any of those hard to shop for men. And just in case any of my fathers are reading this, don't worry, none of these are for you.

Corn Hole Boards
The great thing about father's day is it falls right at the beginning of summer, and what better way to kick off summer than with the gift of outdoor fun. You can buy custom corn hole boards, or you can even make your own. Pinterest is my favorite place to look for either custom boards or plans to build your own!

Passport Case
For the traveling man of course! I love this passport cover because of the map on it. Etsy has plenty of other options if you don't like this one or want a more personalized one.

Art of Shaving Kit
What man wouldn't love a good close shave? I bought my husband an Art of Shaving kit in sandalwood and he loves it. This kit is just a starter kit, but there are other kits in larger sizes and different scents so there is something for every man.

Grill Tool Set
Ahh yes, men are king of the grill. Treat your king of the grill to a new set of grill tools. Bonus points if you add a few spices, sauces, and a new apron. You are sure to get at least one meal out of this gift!

Photo Gifts
If you want something more personal, why not get a custom photo book, mug, phone case, or even a canvas print of his favorite picture of the kids (or grand kids). What man wouldn't want to proudly display such a personal gift?

If you want to go in with siblings or someone else on a gift, think about maybe a themed gift basket, like the grill basket I mentioned above. There are so many different ideas for a themed basket and they can be customized for each father. Need some ideas? I have you covered.

For the movie lover : popcorn, candy, a few DVD's, or gift cards for movie tickets.
For the fisherman : lures, line, bobbers, bait, fishing vest/shirt, good pliers, fishing pole
For the man who loves the great outdoors : items from his favorite outdoor activities (kayaking, rock climbing, camping, etc)
For the chef : cutting board, spices/seasonings, pots/pans, knives, cooking utensils
For the beer drinker : bottle opener, beer glasses, chillsners, coasters
For the wine and cheese lover : corkscicle, wine rack, stoppers, glasses, cheese knives, board and slicer

Hopefully this gives you at least and idea of what to get those great men in your life. Be sure to let your father(s) know just how much you love and appreciate them this father's day!!


  1. Ok those cornhole boards are awesome! These are some great ideas! Thanks!

  2. You are too sweet! Great blog!



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