Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chaco Take Over : 2

So my mom is a little late in getting this up. She has been super busy spending all of her time spring cleaning which means there is a lot of stuff on the floor for me to lay on, so I guess I should say, "Thanks mom! Next time get my post up sooner though!"

So it has been a while since I've talked to you guys. I figured I should tell you guys what I have been up to these past few months. So it snowed. Like lots of snow. Dad let me out, and I managed to get out of my collar, so I got to run around in 8 inches of snow for just a few minutes. It was great, though dad was less than impressed. He still loves me though. He even let me hang out in the hammock with him the next morning.

I sure did love the snow. Mom would make snowballs, and I would eat them. There was so much snow!! 

My paws got a little cold, after spending a lot of time outside, so I finally got mom and dad to stop acting like kids and go inside with me.

I try to get mom and dad to let me sleep in their room. I even have my own bed in there, but they never let me. How can they say no to a face like this??? 

I still love blankets. Ever since I came back from Gammy's house, I love to steal all the blankets!!! 

Mom The Easter bunny brought me an Easter basket this year. It didn't have any real bunnies in it, but it had toys and wet food in it and that is basically the same thing as a real bunny right? 

Mom and dad love to give me carrots. I love eating carrots. I guess this would be what you call a win win. Mom says I am part bunny. 

At the end of the day though, my favorite place to be is with mom and dad. I love to lay on the couch with mom especially. Sometimes she says she wishes I would go hog the couch dad is on, but I know better. 

My mom and dad are the best! Even if they have to take me to the vet once a year. Dad took me by himself this year, and he didn't take me to get a new toy like mom does. I told mom to have a serious talk about it with dad. I know mom will do the right thing and get me a new toy. 

I'm off to go roll around in the floor for a while. Until next time. Woof! Woof! 

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  1. So cute! Pip is not so fond of the snow but I think that's because he's over it from living in Ohio all his life. I hope you get a toy as a prize for your vet trip!



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