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E.L.F Haul : Starting My Collection

I've got a new love for make up and skin/hair care. So be prepared for lots of beauty related posts to be showing up on the blog!

I recently discovered E.L.F. I had seen the display at my local Target, but to be honest, the prices actually turned me away. I'm all for cheap make up if it is good quality, but I just didn't know about it. I think i had picked up a few of their brushes at one point, and maybe a make up product, but they were never a brand I really looked into. Something about a $3 lip stick just didn't appeal to me. So I did what I usually do. I did some youtube research. Turns out E.L.F products are pretty decent. So since I am building my make up collection, I decided to try some products out. I purchased several things from my local Target, then I got an email from E.L.F. for 50% off their Top Products. I bought several things online because of that. I caught the sale on the lat day and used ebates to get cash back! I am really kicking myself because I didn't get more. So here is what all I got. Oh and please excuse my crappy iPhone pictures. My camera went crazy and I didn't have time to fix it. Next haul/review will be better! Promise.

Everything in black packaging/handles is from the E.L.F. Studio line. Anything in white packaging/handles is from the Essentials line. 

                                                       Brow Kit - Medium : Face Primer - Poreless                             Kabuki Brush : Stipple Brush
                                                       BB Cream - Fair : Tinted Moisturizer - Fair                    Lots of Shadow Brushes : Small Stipple Brush   

My Review : 
*I love the brow kit. When I am in a hurry and I need to just add a little extra to my browns, I just grab this. I love that it has a wax and a powder. 
*The primer is super soft. I have only used it once, and when I did, I could tell my pores appeared to be less visible, but I want to try it a little more to see if I like it over the Smashbox primers. 
*The BB cream is a little orange for me. I can fix that though. Other than that, I like it. 
*The tinted moisturizer is great for those no make up days. I just apply this with my fingers instead of a brush or beauty blender. The coverage is light, but it is only a tinted moisturizer, so I didn't expect much. 
*The brushes are great. At least these are. I love that I can get a bunch of shadow brushes and use each one for a certain color category - like browns, greys, blues, etc. I'm organized and this makes me feel like I have a little more control over my brushes without breaking the bank. I love the stipple brushes for contour. 

My Review : 
*I love the make up remover wipes. they are my go too! I always have at least 3 back ups at all time. 
*The lotion wipes I haven't used yet. 

Left to Right and Top to Bottom : Red, Wine, Pink, Natural

My Review : 
So far I like these. I've use Wine and Pink. They aren't dry, so they don't pull on my lips. I love that they are a twist up instead of a wooden pencil. 

Lip Balm - Nude, Pink : Matte Lip Color - Rich Red : Lip StickPink Minx, Red Carpet, Ravishing Rose, Cheeky
                           First 3 in the above picture Bottom to Top        Last 4 in the above picture Bottom to Top
                                         Nude : Pink : Rich Red                      Pink Minx, Red Carpet, Ravishing Rose, Cheeky

My Review : 
*I like the lip balms. I want some different colors, but I like them. 
*The matte lip color I haven't used other than to try it on. When I did, I felt like it dried my lips out just a little, but I need to actually try it out again to form an opinion. 
*The lip sticks are nice. I really love Pink Minx, and I actually have a back up of it. Cheeky is more metallic. I actually am not a huge fan of it. 

End color : Pink Ice
Top row : Peach Fizz, Moondust, Driftwood, Taupe 
Bottom Row : Dusk, Purple, Navy, Teal

My Review :
I really love these colors. The teal color was the whole reason I ordered from E.L.F. These are all shimmer colors, but not over the top. They all have a really nice pigment. They were buttery and I can't wait to use them all! 

My Review : 
The regular Studio blush is okay. It has shimmer, and it is a really pretty color. The mineral blush though I love. It is so soft and buttery and such a pretty soft coral color. It did have a little extra powder that ended up on my desk, but for the price, I don't think you can beat it. 

Essential Flawless Eyeshadow                       Smoky                        
                                                            Sea Escape                             Beautiful Browns

My Review :
These eyeshadow quads are great. I used the brown shades last night, and I love them. Again, these are super nice buttery shades. The pigment is good and they lasted for quite a while without an eye primer. I'm really looking forward to trying out the other 2!




My Review :
I love these! I heard that they were a lot like the Make Up Geek foiled shadows, so I wanted to try out these first to see if I even liked the finish before I bought the Make Up Geek ones. **Side note, can we talk about that beautiful purple Make Up Geek has!! I might have to buy it just for the name!!** The prism colors are great. I like the formula of them, but I am still having to get use to the actually foiled look. Oh and the burgundy wine color in the Smoky palette actually stained my arm where I swatched it, so just be cautious when using it. 

22 Piece Mini On The Go Palette

My Review :
I haven't had a chance to actually use this, but I think the concept is great. It is a really compact  palette that has 10 eye shadows, 5 lip colors, 3 blushes, a mini mascara, a lip brush, a blush brush, and a sponge tip applicator for the shadows. I'm going to be gone overnight soon, so I plan on taking this with me and seeing just how good it actually is. 

Not pictured : 

Lip Exfoliator : Favorite product ever. I love love love this. You need it! Go get it! 
Daily Brush Cleaner : I alternate between this and the Sephora brand one. Honestly I can't tell a difference in the 2. 
HD Under Eye setting powder : I like it. I haven't tried any others, so I don't have anything to compare it to. 
Eye Refresh : I love using this in the morning, or when I am overly stressed. I don't have a huge problem with under eye darkness or puffiness, but this is a really nice pick me up. 

Have you tried E.L.F.?
What are some of your favorite E.L.F. products?

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  1. I love using ELF products and I have quite a collection of their products. I grew my collection a ton over the last year. Be sure to check out Dollar Trees for some deals from time to time. I usually find the best products at the Soddy Daisy and Dayton locations. Of course check out K-Mart they always have a great selection of makeup on sale! I know the K-Mart in Hixson has recently moved the clearance section into the makeup section. Hope this helps and good luck with your collection!

    Pam | Pam's Life



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