Wednesday, March 11, 2015

E.L.F Haul : Starting My Collection

I've got a new love for make up and skin/hair care. So be prepared for lots of beauty related posts to be showing up on the blog!

I recently discovered E.L.F. I had seen the display at my local Target, but to be honest, the prices actually turned me away. I'm all for cheap make up if it is good quality, but I just didn't know about it. I think i had picked up a few of their brushes at one point, and maybe a make up product, but they were never a brand I really looked into. Something about a $3 lip stick just didn't appeal to me. So I did what I usually do. I did some youtube research. Turns out E.L.F products are pretty decent. So since I am building my make up collection, I decided to try some products out. I purchased several things from my local Target, then I got an email from E.L.F. for 50% off their Top Products. I bought several things online because of that. I caught the sale on the lat day and used ebates to get cash back! I am really kicking myself because I didn't get more. So here is what all I got. Oh and please excuse my crappy iPhone pictures. My camera went crazy and I didn't have time to fix it. Next haul/review will be better! Promise.

Everything in black packaging/handles is from the E.L.F. Studio line. Anything in white packaging/handles is from the Essentials line. 

                                                       Brow Kit - Medium : Face Primer - Poreless                             Kabuki Brush : Stipple Brush
                                                       BB Cream - Fair : Tinted Moisturizer - Fair                    Lots of Shadow Brushes : Small Stipple Brush   

My Review : 
*I love the brow kit. When I am in a hurry and I need to just add a little extra to my browns, I just grab this. I love that it has a wax and a powder. 
*The primer is super soft. I have only used it once, and when I did, I could tell my pores appeared to be less visible, but I want to try it a little more to see if I like it over the Smashbox primers. 
*The BB cream is a little orange for me. I can fix that though. Other than that, I like it. 
*The tinted moisturizer is great for those no make up days. I just apply this with my fingers instead of a brush or beauty blender. The coverage is light, but it is only a tinted moisturizer, so I didn't expect much. 
*The brushes are great. At least these are. I love that I can get a bunch of shadow brushes and use each one for a certain color category - like browns, greys, blues, etc. I'm organized and this makes me feel like I have a little more control over my brushes without breaking the bank. I love the stipple brushes for contour. 

My Review : 
*I love the make up remover wipes. they are my go too! I always have at least 3 back ups at all time. 
*The lotion wipes I haven't used yet. 

Left to Right and Top to Bottom : Red, Wine, Pink, Natural

My Review : 
So far I like these. I've use Wine and Pink. They aren't dry, so they don't pull on my lips. I love that they are a twist up instead of a wooden pencil. 

Lip Balm - Nude, Pink : Matte Lip Color - Rich Red : Lip StickPink Minx, Red Carpet, Ravishing Rose, Cheeky
                           First 3 in the above picture Bottom to Top        Last 4 in the above picture Bottom to Top
                                         Nude : Pink : Rich Red                      Pink Minx, Red Carpet, Ravishing Rose, Cheeky

My Review : 
*I like the lip balms. I want some different colors, but I like them. 
*The matte lip color I haven't used other than to try it on. When I did, I felt like it dried my lips out just a little, but I need to actually try it out again to form an opinion. 
*The lip sticks are nice. I really love Pink Minx, and I actually have a back up of it. Cheeky is more metallic. I actually am not a huge fan of it. 

End color : Pink Ice
Top row : Peach Fizz, Moondust, Driftwood, Taupe 
Bottom Row : Dusk, Purple, Navy, Teal

My Review :
I really love these colors. The teal color was the whole reason I ordered from E.L.F. These are all shimmer colors, but not over the top. They all have a really nice pigment. They were buttery and I can't wait to use them all! 

My Review : 
The regular Studio blush is okay. It has shimmer, and it is a really pretty color. The mineral blush though I love. It is so soft and buttery and such a pretty soft coral color. It did have a little extra powder that ended up on my desk, but for the price, I don't think you can beat it. 

Essential Flawless Eyeshadow                       Smoky                        
                                                            Sea Escape                             Beautiful Browns

My Review :
These eyeshadow quads are great. I used the brown shades last night, and I love them. Again, these are super nice buttery shades. The pigment is good and they lasted for quite a while without an eye primer. I'm really looking forward to trying out the other 2!




My Review :
I love these! I heard that they were a lot like the Make Up Geek foiled shadows, so I wanted to try out these first to see if I even liked the finish before I bought the Make Up Geek ones. **Side note, can we talk about that beautiful purple Make Up Geek has!! I might have to buy it just for the name!!** The prism colors are great. I like the formula of them, but I am still having to get use to the actually foiled look. Oh and the burgundy wine color in the Smoky palette actually stained my arm where I swatched it, so just be cautious when using it. 

22 Piece Mini On The Go Palette

My Review :
I haven't had a chance to actually use this, but I think the concept is great. It is a really compact  palette that has 10 eye shadows, 5 lip colors, 3 blushes, a mini mascara, a lip brush, a blush brush, and a sponge tip applicator for the shadows. I'm going to be gone overnight soon, so I plan on taking this with me and seeing just how good it actually is. 

Not pictured : 

Lip Exfoliator : Favorite product ever. I love love love this. You need it! Go get it! 
Daily Brush Cleaner : I alternate between this and the Sephora brand one. Honestly I can't tell a difference in the 2. 
HD Under Eye setting powder : I like it. I haven't tried any others, so I don't have anything to compare it to. 
Eye Refresh : I love using this in the morning, or when I am overly stressed. I don't have a huge problem with under eye darkness or puffiness, but this is a really nice pick me up. 

Have you tried E.L.F.?
What are some of your favorite E.L.F. products?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our weekend felt like Spring!

I'm blogging on a Monday!! Talk about a shock. Anyway...

This weekend was amazing minus the spring forward part. Saturday C had to work, so that gave me a little time to play around with some of my new stuff. I just recently got into make up and skin care. My bank account took a small hit recently with some of my new purchases. I was never one to really wear make up. I think ever since Is tarted to wear make up, I may have spent $200 total. That is over the course of probably about 10 years. I just never really got into it. I never wore it. Then this past February, I went to Sephora to pick up a new brush for my Clarisonic Mia. I ended up getting my make up done, which meant I needed to spend $50. I walked away with the Urban Decay Naked palette, the Make Up Forever HD foundation (I'm in shade 117) and a new love for make up. Over the next few weeks, I spent quite a bit of time doing youtube research, and shopping. I think I have been to Sephora at least once a week since then, and I have done lots of online shopping.

Speaking of this, you might notice that I do a few more beauty related posts here on the blog. I've got a hair care/skin care drug store haul planned soon, then a drugstore make up haul and a high end make up haul that I just need to take pictures for. From there, beauty related posts will probably be more frequent than ever before.

Back to the weekend. Ulta recently had the Urban Decay Ammo palette on sale for $16 plus you got a small tube of their eye primer which I love. I checked both Ulta and Sephora online and neither have this palette anymore. So Saturday, I was able to finally pull this palette out ans swatch some of the colors. I'm super in love with the colors Mildew (green), Last Call (purple on the top row), Shattered (teal/blue), and Maui Wowie (gold/taupe, 1st on bottom row).  

Sunday, we got up late. Thanks day light savings time. So we spent some much needed time together. I was able to organize all my new make up and C was able to find up some really unique date ideas. We cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, then hammocked because it was amazing outside. If only the weather would stay like that forever!! 

We also spent the afternoon making yummy stuff! I made brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough which we made into balls and put in the freezer so we can make just a few cookies at a time, both chocolate chip and blueberry muffins to make breakfast easier, then C made some chicken for me and he made himself some wings for lunch this week. I'm not a fan of wings, but they smelled delicious!

I also spent the last few hours of the day pampering myself. I was finally able to take off my chipped nail polish, I did a face mask, and used this oil on my hair because I was feeling extra fancy. I'm still unsure of how I feel about this oil, but it was nice to just take a little me time.

I hope this weekend's weather is a sign that spring it almost here!!

Did you have a good weekend?
What are some of your favorite make up/skin care products?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have really let this blog take a bit of a back seat. My intentions were for that to not happen, but there is a lot going on right now, and I am having to make decisions on what my time is spent on. So posting will not be something I stress about. I want to get back to where I love blogging again, and that means not stressing about it as much! So in saying that, here is what I have been up to! 

Because who doesn't love a picture of a dog in 8 inches of snow?

Making: Decent grades in my English Comp II class! 
Cooking: As little as possible. C does most of the cooking and I like to keep it that way! Date night tonight which just so happens to also mean I don't have to help with any cooking! 
Clicking: The order status on my most recent purchases! 
Drinking: Water. Lots and lots of water.
Reading: The Daniel Plan, the book for my Dale Carnegie class, and the assignments for my English Comp II class
Wanting: The Tartelette palette, the SimpleHuman mirror, and lots of sleep. Oh and Spring! 
Looking: Forward to spring break, warm weather, and sunshine! 
Playing: With my pups. She has been extra sweet these past few weeks. 
Wishing: Spring would hurry up and show up. 
Enjoying: A clean house! 
Waiting: On my E.L.F., Ulta, and Gerard Cosmetics orders to be delivered! 
Wondering: How I ended up spending more on make up in the past 3 weeks than I have the entire time I have been wearing it. (or not wearing it is more like it.) 
Loving: That I finally got into make up. I'm a little late to the game at the young age of 25. 
Hoping: That it does not snow on Thursday like they are calling for. 
Needing: A nap. 
Smelling: Island Margarita from Bath and Body Works. I needed a little pick me up. 
Wearing: Nail polish for the first time in a long time. Seriously, when did I become such a girl?
Following: As little as possible. I'm trying to be more of a leader. 
Knowing: That I get a break from school for a week!
Feeling: Like I have a headache coming on. 
Giggling: At how Chaco is like a little human at times. 
Watching: Lots of YouTube. 
Listening to: Stay with Me (Sam Smith), Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran), Honey, I'm Good. (Andy Grammer), I Bet My Life (Imagine Dragons), Blank Space (Taylor Swift), How He Loves (David Crowder Band)
Obsessing over: A nice clean house! 
Shopping for: Make up, make up, and more make up. 
Learning: That I am horrible at writing about literature. 
Bothered by: The chance of snow on Thursday. 
Eating: Healthier than usual. 
Wasting time on: YouTube. How is YouTube so addictive?? 
Praying for: Strength to make it though this busy season in life and for God's guidance as we start making those adult decisions. 
Working on: English Comp II, getting healthy, and organizing anything and everything. 
Looking forward to: Spring. Wait what? 

What are you up to this month?


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