Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday Party Link Up : A Post About Snow.

Today I am linking up with Charlene over at From Bisons to Buckeyes for her #ThankfulThuesdayParty! I have so much to be thankful for. I have a relationship with God, good health, a great marriage, awesome family, some of the best friends in the world, and so much more. But today I want to talk to you about something a little different. Snow.

You see, I love winter. I love winter more than any normal person should but I live in Tennessee, so our winters aren't super cold. I don't think I could live in the north with their winters. I love snow though, like it makes my heart super happy. It wasn't looking like we were going to get much more than what was in the picture above though. 

This winter, we escaped a super cold winter. For the most part it was fairly mild. I think I wore my big warm jacket maybe twice. Until this week. I am thankful for this past week! 

This past week, we have gotten snow more than once. Now it hasn't been much at all, but it has been enough to satisfy me. I love seeing snow. I love playing in the snow. Snowmen are my favorite thing to build. Snow just makes me happy. I'm thankful for snow. 

Last year, we had not one, but two snow storms. We got enough snow and ice to keep us from driving to our house. This year, not so much. But it has been worth it.

My pup even loves the snow. She jumps around trying in it. I'd say I have rubbed off on her. I think she is going to miss the snow when spring comes around. 

As I type this, we are getting word that we are in for another 1-3 inches tonight, Wednesday night. While I would have preferred to have all the snow at once, I can't complain. At least we have gotten snow this year. The snow is magical. Winter is always complete to me when we finally get snow. So while you may hate the snow, do me a favor, the next time it snows, stop and take a good look at it and how beautiful it is. Take a minute to slow down from this busy world and enjoy it. I'm thankful for the snow, you should be too! Even if it is just for a minute or two. 

We have so much to be thankful for and a lot of us take that for granted. Lets change that! I bring you the #ThankfulThursdayParty linkup with Charlene @ From Bisons to Buckeyes! We will be writing about what we are thankful for and linking  up on the last Thursday of every month. I would love to have you and can't wait to see what you're thankful for in your life! 

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From Bisons to Buckeyes: Thankful Thursday Party

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

15 Ideas for a Married Vacation!

Marriage is hard work. Life can get overwhelming. Marriage falls on the priority list. What next? My advice. Be proactive!! Make time and save money for a married vacation, just you and your spouse. Take the time to reconnect! And "vacation" doesn't mean a week long trip somewhere. Head on over to From Bisons to Buckeyes to read my thoughts, opinions, and ideas on Married vacations! And be sure to use #amarriedvacation when sharing your married vacation on social media!

Special thanks to Charlene for letting me take over her blog today! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Marriage & Relationship Goals : Link Up

Marriage is hard work. I know I am not the only one who thinks that. I have to make the choice each morning to love my husband. Sometimes that is easier said than done, especially if we have had a fight recently. At the end of the day though, my husband is my best friend, my person if you will. That makes all the hard work worth it.

I've been following along with Amberly and the Marriage & Relationship Goals for a while. I think it is a great idea! Setting monthly goals is a great way to accomplish a lot of things in a short time. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you set too many goals on yourself, so taking a monthly approach to that is awesome in my opinion.

My goal for February is based off of my word for 2015. Change. It is a simple word, but it packs a punch. Changing anything in life takes time. It takes commitment. That is why I picked change as my word this year. It is about changing for the better. I want to become a better version of myself, not only for me, but for my husband as well.

I do not want to change my husband. That isn't my goal. My goal is to change myself, which I hope leads to a changed marriage. Here are a few goals I have for my marriage this month!

*Go on at least 2 date nights : C and I have been married for a little over 4 years now. We don't have kids, but we have a huge pile of things we do, so date nights have been few and far between. I want to make a plan, as in write it in my planner, to go out on at least 2 dates where I actually take the time to make sure I look good for my husband.

*Read 1 chapter of Proverbs a day : Spending time in the word of God is really important. Making the time for God is something I need to make sure I do more often. I don't want to just read through Proverbs, but I want to really study it. And when I get to Proverbs 31, I plan on paying close attention I want to be like the Proverbs 31 wife. I know this is big goal. It is one I will be working on each and every month.

*See if we can pick up a new hobby or learn something new. : We have gotten in a routine it seems. After work, we make dinner, and then hang out watching TV several nights a week. I don't want to stay in the routine we are in. I think learning is something that we should never stop doing, and learning something together is awesome.

*Be more present. : In a world ran by social media, we often find ourselves spending more time scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. I don't want social media to eat up the time I have that should be spent with my husband.

What are some of your goals for this month?

Marriage & Relationship Goals

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us to continue moving forward and avoid the "ruts" of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. We would love for you to join us in making the things we do in our relationships intentional. If you would like more information, click here.


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