Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing : Nooga Designs

I've kept quite about this, but I feel the time is finally here to announce that C and I are starting a small adventure in the business world together. I would like to introduce you to Nooga Designs!

Nooga Designs creates custom wooden items made out of domestic and exotic woods. At the current time, we are only making cutting boards, but we have plans to expand our product line soon! Each board is handcrafted. We offer several pre-designed cutting boards, but custom projects are always welcomed and encouraged!

Here are some of the products we have already made! 

Color Scheme : "Stephen" 
16''x12'' with rounded corners all 1'' strips of wood
Left to Right : Walnut/Maple/Yellow Heart/Purple Heart/Bloodwood (repeating with additional walnut to finish)

Color Scheme : IC1
Left to Right : Walnut(1'')/yellow Heart(2'')/Purple Heart(1'')/Cherry(4'')/Purple Heart(1'')/Yellow Heart(2'')/Walnut(1'') 

Color Scheme : Christian
12''x12'' all 1'' strips of wood
Top to Bottom : Maple/Walnut/Jatoba/Walnut/Maple/Jatoba/Maple/Walnut/Jatoba/Walnut/Maple

Color Scheme : IC2
10''x12'' Maple and Walnut - 1'' strips, Blood wood - 3/4'' strips
Top to bottom : Walnut/Bloodwood/Maple/Walnut/Bloodwood/Maple/Bloodwood/Walnut/Maple/Bloodwood/Walnut

Color Scheme : Kaye
12''x12'' all 1''strips of wood

Once we reach 100 likes on Facebook/followers on Twitter/Instagram, we will be giving away a cutting board to one lucky winner!! Be sure to like/follow along for your chance to win!

Which design is your favorite? (hint hint, answer this)


  1. These look awesome!! My favorite one is the Kaye. I hope you guys are successful with this new business adventure!



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