Monday, January 26, 2015

Chaco Take Over : 1

Hey humans! Chaco here. I had to beg my mom to finally let me take over her internet space for a day. It took over 2 years, but I am persistent. I  am the star of my mom and dad's life, so I figured I should be the star here too.

Name : Chaco (like the shoe)
Nicknames : Waffles, Squirrel, Muddy Paws Magee, Puppy, Pups, Destroyer of All Things, and Hey You
Gender : I'm a girl, though my name makes people think otherwise.
Breed : I'm a mix. Mom and dad say I have lab, terrier, and just a little pit in me, but what do they know.
Favorite Food : Besides anything I can steal from my humans, the Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts. I go crazy for them. Forget treats, just give me that Healthy Starts!!
Favorite Color : Purple
Favorite Hobbies : chewing up all my toys creating a huge mess, scratching my belly on the carpet, whining when mom and dad aren't in the same room, running really fast so I can jump into the couch, drinking out of the toilet, snuggles with mom
Favorite Things : tennis balls, hedge hog toys, treats
Least Favorite Things : bath time, having to be on a leash
Best Tricks : going to bed without trouble, sitting

So there. Now ya know more about the most important member of the Long family. Hopefully mom will let me take over again soon! But before I go, here are a few more pictures of me, because I'm cute.

Until Next Time! Woof Woof! 

1 comment:

  1. You left out one trick Chaco; typing on a computer keyboard, LOL! You are funny and so is your Mom!



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