Friday, January 9, 2015

4th Anniversary Vacation : Day 9-10

I promise there won't be near as many pictures as yesterday. In fact, these days were almost picture-less. The photographers were not on duty because it was our last day. We woke up to some serious waves and lots of wind. The panorama photo below shows you the difference in the sky.

We were headed into the darker sky area. We were unable to see the sea through the windows for the majority of the day. We spent the day packing and walking around the ship. The worst part of the day was walking. With the waves as high as they were, the ship was rocking back and forth pretty horribly. As a natural worry wart, you would think I would have been worried, but I wasn't. Cruise ships are made to deal with that type of weather, and I had complete trust in the captain and his crew.

By mid day, we were finally seeing sun again. Instead of rushing to the pool like everyone else, we simply stayed inside. Lots of silly faces were made to pass the time. 

After dinner, we waited around to get all our pictures, then headed to bed as early as possible. We decided to carry our luggage off, so that meant we had to be ready to go at about 6 am. When had a small mix up with our account, but we were off and headed to get donuts by 8 am. Funny story. C built me a Build-A-Bear monkey. It goes everywhere with me. It isn't like a security blanket, but more of a sentimental item. I carried said monkey on the back of my back pack as we were leaving, and I quickly became known as the girl with a monkey on her back. 

The monkey provided lots of entertainment on the way home as well. The finny looks you get when a stuffed animal is driving your car are hysterical. The monkey also turned out to be an awesome pillow when I decided to sleep. 

After the long 7+ hours to get to my mom's house, we were able to pick up Chaco. She was beyond excited to see us, and we felt the same. I could tell she didn't want to leave though. A week with a fenced in back yard is like her personal form of heaven. We did finally leave though. When we got home, imagine my surprise when I see that my blanket hating dog is now a blanket lover. She got under the blanket on her own. 

Ever since our trip, we have been wishing to go back and Chaco has been stealing blankets like it is her job. We loved our trip, and we can honestly say it was the best yet! 

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