Thursday, January 8, 2015

4th Anniversary Vacation : Day 6-8

Here I am, 2 months later and I am finally getting around to finishing up the 4th anniversary trip. It is crazy to think that it really was only 2 months ago that we were on the most amazing anniversary trip. Where did the time go?

Anyway, today I'm talking about day 6, 7, & 8 which just happen to be some of my very favorite days. Be prepared for lots and lots of photos.

Day 6 was a port day. We stopped in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas just like last year. St Thomas is by favor my favorite public port that we have been to. This trip we didn't spend much time there. We went into port long enough to make a phone call to C's parents and me to make one to work. Somehow we decided that our time would be better spent on the ship by the pool. We did some quick shopping for the usual Pandora charm commemorating our trip, a coffee mug, and a Christmas ornament.

Once we were back on the ship, we went straight to the pool where we stayed for hours. When the ship is in port, the majority of people go on the island/into the city, so the ship is almost like a ghost town. That is the best time to hang out by the pool. While the ship is at sea, the pool is overly crowded and to be honest, I can't handle that kind of crowd.

We drank tons of fruity drinks, because that is what you do on vacation. We enjoyed the pool, and made tons of silly faces while attempting to take a #selfie underwater. Spoiler Alert : It didn't work out so well. We had a blast though. 

Ironically enough, it got a little cooler, so we headed back to the cabin so we could watch the sun set then get ready for dinner. This trip was my best when it came to packing clothes for dinner. I loved this night because I got to wear pants and glitter heels. 

The photographer that took the above photo was actually the same one who took pictures on the night C surprised me so he took a ton of pictures. We actually have this one framed in our room. It is one of our favorites.

The next morning, anniversary day, we woke up to some beautiful sights in Philipsburg, St, Maarten. We had decided before the trip that we were going to do an excursion on our anniversary. After going back and forth, we finally settled on the yacht racing excursion. I wasn't a huge fan of the idea, but I really picked our anniversary trip when it was C's turn, so it was a compromise. It turned out to be the most fun I had all trip. 

The group was split up into 2 teams, one team was on the Stars and Stripes yacht, and the other, our team, was on the Canada 2. These yachts were actual yachts that were raced in the America's Cup Regatta Races. It was neat to learn about the regatta racing along with the yachts. We got ready for our race, and 3 laps or about an hour later, the race was over. I would love to say we won, but I don't want to lie. It was a close race though. I really had a blast and I have insisted that we go again the next chance we get.

Instead of eating in the main dining room, we made reservations for Chops Grill again this year. The service wasn't as good as last year, but then again they were also 10 times more busy this year. The service was still outstanding just a step down from last year. 

You can't see it, but C's sock says "#sock" which I think is hysterical. 

Day 8 was the start of the 2 sea day journey back to Port Canaveral which meant the vacation was coming to a quick close. Little did we know that this would also be the last day of beautiful weather. 

We slept in for the first time all cruise and it was fantastic. We looked at the activities that were going on and tried to plan out our day. We knew to avoid the FlowRider and the pool at all costs, so we stayed inside as much as possible. 

We ended up going to the art auction. Not only did we win a bottle of champagne, but we also decided to buy a piece of art. Some people think buying art on a cruise ship is a scam, and it very well may be. But we only buy pieces that we like and we always set a budget that we think is fair. We just happen to find a beautiful piece with a sunset and sailboats which holds more sentimental value than actual value to us since we went sailing this cruise. 

We finally headed to the On Air club so C could sing karaoke. Talk about a great laugh. I'm glad we aren't making a habit out of that.

Our last formal night was probably my favorite. I picked this dress just for this trip. It was my favorite night as far as attire goes. We got so many compliments which was super nice. 

After several nights of being told how to stand for pictures, the lady that took this one told us to do whatever, and after several seconds of just staring at her, this is what we came up with. It is so us, and a great remake of one of our engagement pictures.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final recap of our anniversary trip!  

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