Tuesday, January 13, 2015

26 by 26

2015 brings on 1 thing that I can honestly say I am not looking forward to quite yet. My 26th birthday is just 8 and a half short months away. When I think about that and my life, I realize there are a few things that I haven't done yet. So in honor of that, I made a 26 by 26 goal list. Nothing on this list is super exciting and some things are just simple things I want to do this year. I just want to do something extra special while I am 25, so actually completing a list of things I want to do anyway seems like the perfect idea. So here it is!

1. Run a 5K 
2. Read 26 books 
3. Take a weekend vacation 
4. Plan our 5th anniversary trip 
5. Try 5 new restaurants in Chattanooga 
6. Give up soda 
7. Find a church home 
8. Find a hobby 
9. Start making year photo books 
10. Clean the house
11. Try a Pinterest project 
12. Try a Pinterest recipe 
13. Help launch Nooga Designs 
14. Go to the TN Aquarium 3 times 
15. Take ballroom dancing classes
16. Grow this blog to a combined total or 50 followers 
17. Host a party 
18. Organize my closet 
19. Finish the office 
20. Go to the farmer's market downtown 
21. Go on 4 picnics 
22. Start yoga
23. Start investing
24. Read through Proverbs in 1 month
25. Take my mom flowers just because
26. Treat myself to a spa day when I turn 26! 

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