Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Favorite Time Of Year!

Thanksgiving is over, which is a bummer because we didn't get any left over turkey this year. This year, for the first time in our married life, C and I had 3 Thanksgiving dinners. You know you had a great time when your phone barely made it out of your pocket. I cherished all the time with family.

Wednesday night, we had a quick pizza dinner with my dad before heading to GA for the next 2 days. Thursday was thanksgiving with my mom and step dad. This is also know as the Thanksgiving with the best rolls known to man. I think I ate more bread than anything else. Like most years we planned out our Black Friday Thursday shopping plans, and finally headed out. Bad news is that Walmart, Target, and Belk are about the only places to shop where she lives. We did end up going to Walmart and getting a new laptop for a steal of a price, even better than they were advertising so I'm not going to complain. C got a great deal on a few new winter jackets that HE picked out at Belk, and Target brought us Beats by Dre which we didn't know we needed, but ended up going back for a second pair.

This pretty girl loved spending time at her Gammy's house because she got to run around for hours. Friday after we were done getting the one thing we wanted (and outdoor patio heater), we headed to my in-laws house. We had not-Thanksgiving food which was yummy, and my mother in law convinced me to try a drink which turned out to be quite amazing. Blood orange juice and ginger ale. Seriously run to your nearest Publix, in the produce section and grab a bottle of blood orange juice, then scurry over to grab a bottle of ginger ale. Go home, add ice to a glass, then add the blood orange juice, then ginger ale, then stir (don't shake). I swear it was amazing. 

This little girl didn't like it when C got out of the car. She waited and waited for him to come back. I tried getting her attention several times, but she wanted nothing to do with me. 

Saturday we kicked off the season with our annual Christmas Saturday. We made green waffles and arranged them in the shape of a Christmas tree complete with decorations (fruit, powdered sugar, whipped topping, syrup) and a bacon tree trunk.  We were able to decorate our living room tree before we headed to my dad's house for Thanksgiving. We ended up staying the night and having a great long talk with my dad, my older sister, and her husband. When we finally headed home Sunday, we decorated the front porch. It is my favorite so far. We have a few more touch ups, then we are done with the outside.

All in all it was a great long weekend and I am so thankful that I got to spend time with most all of our family. 

Did you have more than 1 Thanksgiving dinner? 
Are you decorated for Christmas?


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