Monday, November 3, 2014

I Finally Feel Like An Adult

Our weekend was quite a revelation in my opinion. With this being our first weekend back from vacation, I figured that we would do nothing at all but sleep in and continue to catch up on laundry, but in fact, we had an action packed weekend! And I am not the least bit sad about it. Somehow I feel like this weekend might be one that actually defines me. Crazy, I know.

Friday night we did the usual Halloween activities. I changed into my Halloween socks, leggings and a Halloween shirt and curled up on the couch. We have spent the past 3 Halloween nights watching The Great Pumpkin, drinking hot chocolate and snacking on popcorn, and all kinds of other junk food including candy.

I don't usually dress up, and C always finds something last minute to dress up as. This year, pajamas for the win. Chaco was less than impressed. We handed out tons of candy to the hand full of trick-or-treating kids we had. I'm pretty sure we will become known as the house who gives out multiple hand fulls before long. 

All my social media feeds were going nuts Friday night with pictures, tweets, and status updates about the snow. While they were calling for it, we didn't get anything but sleet at our house. I'm not bummed though. I'm sure we will get more this winter!

Saturday we tried to sleep in, and I mean we really tried No such luck though. I remembered that I had not given Chaco her Halloween basket, and when I did, that dog went bonkers. She loves new toys. Though the hand toy was a little weird. She was walking around with a hand for a few hours before destroying it. 

Her cat Halloween outfit was a bust. She didn't want to wear it and the hood wasn't happening, so after we made our weekly visit to Target, with a quick stop in the now on clearance Halloween section, Chaco was outfitted with a new Halloween costume. Cutest cheerleader I've seen! 

Sunday I decided I wanted C to build me a ladder to put all our blankets on, so we headed to Home Depot for what was supposed to be a quick trip. Our trip quickly changed when we saw the washer and dryer we have been eying for over a year on clearance. They were the floor models, and the washer was pretty scratched on the top from where they had stacked the dryer on it. After talking quite a bit, we ended up saying yes and we got them for 50% off! A steal in every one's book. But a beautiful new slightly scratched washer and dryer meant that we really needed to do something with the ugly laundry room. We decided to remove the ugly uneven cabinets, and paint in a beautiful gray that we have downstairs. It turned out really nice. 

We also added new lighting and got rid of all the crap that was being collected in the cabinets. Say hello to the purchase that made me feel like an adult, finally. 

My favorite idea was using a cake stand I was going to get rid of to put some of the laundry stuff on. 

C and I have basically all hand me down furniture/etc. So when we decided to buy this, we instantly felt like adults. To make it even better, we were excited about it which made us feel even more like adults. It was a great feeling. Ever since turning 25, I haven't quite felt any different. But now I can officially say that in my mid-twenties, I finally felt like an adult. 

I hope this week is half as good as the weekend! 

Did you dress up for Halloween?
Do you remember your first adult purchase?


  1. Looks like a really nice set! My husband and I just had to get a new refrigerator, and I felt pretty adult-like after being excited about the purchase of new appliances - haha!

  2. How exciting! I love the red washer ad dryer. They are beautiful! Looks like you had a great weekend. :)



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