Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Weekends!

So I pretty much disappeared again last week.I really hope this isn't becoming a habit.

This picture is actually from Thursday morning, but can we just talk about how beautiful it was! This picture does not do the sky justice. So I ended up at the doctor's office Thursday afternoon for some serious ankle pain. She said I sprained it pretty bad, but she still wanted an x-ray. When I told my mom this, she insisted on coming up Friday since I had off work, to take me to get the x-ray, and then a little bonding time before she packed up the pup and left.

That was my life Friday, and it was horrible. I was fully prepared to walk without the help of crutches, but both my mom and husband insisted since the doctor said to. 

Friday evening, we headed to Gatlinburg for our annual family trip. I always look forward to this weekend because we get to spend time with family we only see once a year. We got up there late, but spent lots of time with my sisters. Saturday morning, we got up and eventually left. I was really thankful that everyone understood that I couldn't walk very fast especially since I wasn't using the crutches. 

Everyone but me rode the Alpine Coaster that is now on Wears Valley Rd. They loved it. It was a bit pricey in my opinion, but then again, what isn't up there. 

We also walked around The Island, where the Magaritaville is. Of course, this was the time my sister started taking pictures. Pictures of the 3 of us are few and far between, so it was nice to have more than one this weekend. 

Laser tag was suggested, and being the big kids that we are, we participated, twice. It was a lot of fun, and I joined in on the fun, though standing in a corner isn't the best strategy. Side note, I find it funny that I made a funny face and C didn't. That never happens. 

Sunday was spent eating more food that any of us should, taking family photos, and cleaning. C and I took the 4 kids and played with them while the other adults did a bible study. Seeing C play with them just reminded me that he is going to be an awesome dad. 

Before we left, we headed to the Alpine Coaster again where I rode this time, and I finally got a picture of C and I. This guy has my heart.

All in all, our weekend was fantastic, and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. Family is so important, and knowing that we all make the time for this weekend each year makes me happy.

Do you have any annual family traditions? 

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