Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4th Anniversary Vacation : Day 3-5 : Exciting News!

This post took entirely too long to write. I know that, but ya know, life. Anyway. This recap of day 3-5 is probably my favorite recap. I mean the rest of the cruise was great, but this is what seriously made it the best vacation ever 

We got to port extra early this year. 10 am came quickly. It was great though because the lines weren't that long and it wasn't overly hot. We did plan better this year and we packed our carry on bags full of anything we would need for the day since getting luggage can take a while. With a quick trip through security, and a few pictures later, we were on the ship! 

Naturally the first thing we did was find food check our dinner table. I really wanted to have a table for just us since we were celebrating our anniversary again. Though I think we decided that the next cruise we take, we will sit with other people. Once our table situation was worked out, we did go find food, and then waited around for 15 minutes so we could get into our room. Once the doors were opened, I was greeted with a great surprise. 

C had redeemed our points for the Grand Romance package which included flowers, robes, and appetizers/desserts in our room for 2 nights. It also included champagne and cupcakes. I think it also came with breakfast, but we decided against it. Once we dropped off our bags, we headed out again to explore and see what all was going on. When it finally came time for dinner, I was ready! I think we walked 4 miles before dinner. 

Dinner was great. Our waiter was the best we have ever had on RCI. All previous waiters have been fantastic, but this one just raised the bar. We had planned on staying up super late going to the activities they had on board, but with Coco Cay up first thing in the morning, I knew I wanted sleep so we could be the first ones on the island. 

Going to bed early paid off when we got to see this sunrise! Talk about breathtaking. We were some of the first ones on the island. It was so relaxing.

We laid around reading books and talking life. When we finally braved the water, it was a little cold and it didn't take long before I was ready to lay out some more. After about 3 hours on the island, we packed up and headed back to the ship. Since most everyone was on the island, it made lines on the ship non-existent. 

C headed straight for the FlowRider and was pretty bummed when it was just boogie boarding. He still enjoyed it though. All in all our afternoon was a great first full day on the cruise. 

Dinner was the first formal night. These nights are our favorites for sure. We don't get to dress up, so we take full advantage of it. I was pretty pleased to see lots more people than usual were dressed up this year. It was a nice change. 

I woke up Tuesday morning to this view. Can I just live on a cruise? 

With Tuesday being the first day at sea, we enjoyed a cupcake or 2, ate tons of pizza, and even more ice cream. It was a great thing that we walked so much. 

C finally got to participate in the stand up surfing on the FlowRider. It was just as much fun for me to watch him wipe out as it was for him to successfully surf for more than 30 seconds. 

The views were just amazing this year. I know they were great last year, but I had forgotten how breathtaking it all was. The water was so blue and the sky had perfectly fluffy white clouds. Again, can I just live on a cruise? 

Dinner was not formal, but we dressed up anyway. We were celebrating our anniversary in the main dining room on Tuesday instead of our actual anniversary, so I took it upon myself to suggest we dress up again. That and I love seeing C in a suit. 

We took pictures like every other night, but this night ended up being my favorite. Let me show you why. 

It may seem a little strange to you, but yes, C is proposing to me, again. You see, C and I had a really rough past year. Our struggles were huge mountains and I can honestly say it was the worst year of marriage. C and I both had our issues, and honestly I don't feel as if either of us are to blame entirely. We went through things that would usually split a couple up, but we stood strong in our relationship with each other and with God. We had people praying for us and by the grace of God, we stayed together. It was a trying time on both of us, so we knew that we wanted to do a vow renewal one year for our anniversary. In all of that, I told C that I would like to redo the whole thing, including the proposal. It may sound silly or shallow, but I wanted C to choose me again. After all we had been though, I needed him to choose me again, and he did. It took me by complete surprise. It really made me feel loved. After all we had been though, after 4 years of marriage, C told me over and over he would choose me all over again. It was something that really strengthened our marriage even more. I am so grateful that God blessed me with such an amazing husband who will stand my side through the good times and bad. I am so blessed to share my life with someone who has the same values as I do, someone who loves me unconditionally. C is an amazing, loving, Godly husband and I couldn't be happier with my life with him. 

C did a fantastic job at picking out my new ring as well. Having a husband who can pick out your jewelry is pretty awesome.

Next week I get to share our sailing experiance with you guys!! 

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  1. That was all so sweet of your husband! How cute! I'm glad you guys had such a great time on your cruise. My husband and I went on our first one last year for our honeymoon. We went on Royal Caribbean as well and absolutely LOVED IT! We went to Coco Cay too and thought it was so nice. We're dying to cruise again but haven't been able to yet because we have a baby on the way. We're thinking maybe 2015 or 2016, but we'll see!



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