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ABC's of Fall | Guest Post

While I am wasting my day sitting in Coco Cay, I am please to say that Charlene is taking over my blog. She is one of my favorite bloggers and a fellow UGA lover. I hope you guys will head over to her blog and say hello! 


Hello lovely readers of, My Life as a Long! I was so excited to when Cait asked me to guest post one her blog while she's gone this week. I just love Fall and since we are officially a month into this wonderful season, I thought I'd give you my ABC's of Fall!

  • Apples- I love picking apples in the Fall. To me apples just scream Autumn. Apple cider, apple pie, apple dumplings. Yum!
  • Boots- There's not much better than breaking out your boots for Fall after they've been cooped up in your closet all summer. It just puts a smile on my face!
  • Candy- One of the first things you think of when you think Fall is Halloween and one of the first things you think of when you think of Halloween is candy.
  • Dry Skin- cooler weather means dryer skin. This isn't a good thing about Fall. But it certainly signifies Fall, nonetheless. Time to stock up on the lotion!
  • Eating anything pumpkin- Mmmmm I love Pumpkin.
  • Fall Festivals- Hay rides, pumpkin carving contests, haunted houses, and carnival food. You can't beat it!
  • Ghosts & Goblins- I love Halloween (see below) and everything that comes with it. Decorating, dressing up, and scary movies are at the top of my list!
  • Halloween- If you know me at all, then you already knew Halloween would be my 'H'! It's my favorite holiday.
  • Indians & Pilgrims- I also love Thanksgiving and decorating the house for it with Pilgrims and Indians! I hate that Christmas has started to take over and stamp Thanksgiving into the ground!
  • Jack-o-lanterns- More Halloween fun!
  • Keeping warm by a fire- I love fires and with the weather getting cooler, there's not much better than curling up with a book by the fire.
  • Leaves- You can't have Fall without beautiful changing and falling leaves.
  • Monster Mash- One of my favorite Halloween songs. I actually have an entire Halloween playlist on Spotify. Find it here.
  • New School Year- Fall certainly signifies the new school year! Unfortunately it doesn't mean that for me anymore but I remember the excitement each new school year brings!
  • Over-sized Sweaters- Yes please! Can you say comfy and cute? And it doesn't matter quite as much anymore that you had that extra slice of pie after dinner.

  • Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch- One of my most favorite things to do in the Fall.
  • Quality Time- For some reason Fall just makes me think of spending quality time with the ones I love. The weather gets cooler. We're getting closer to the holidays and going on walks or hay rides with my husband to spend time just talking sounds so appealing.
  • Reading- As I've said, Fall is a cozy season with fires and sweaters. When I'm curled up with a blanket by the fire, I'm usually reading!

  • Scary Movies- I've mentioned them before but I LOVE scary movies. And what better excuse is there to watch them than Halloween?
  • TV Shows- Fall is when most TV programs come back for a new season after taking a break for Summer. My husband and I have several we watch religiously and it's so exciting when they come back on!
  • UGA Football- You can't have Fall without football! The two are almost sononomus to some people. I'm a huge UGA fan (like Cait!), If you want to find me on a Saturday in the Fall, I'll most likely be watching the UGA game.
  • Visit a corn maze- I have actually never been to a corn maze but it just seems so fun to get lost with your love and to work together to find the way.
  • Warm Drinks- Not much signifies Fall and the crisp weather more than pumpkin spice latte's and hot chocolate!
  • Xtra blankets on the bed- I love finally snuggling up to sleep with the windows open after a long hot Summer!
  • Yawning constantly- For some reason I always seem more tired in the Fall. I don't know if it's because it starts getting dark earlier or because being cozy in big sweaters and blankets does that to me or if it's because I'm always really busy in the Fall trying to do a bunch of fun activities.
  • Zero negativity- It's really hard for me to be in a bad mood in the Fall. If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I just make myself some coffee, open the window and enjoy the smells of the season!

What do you think? Did I come up with some good things for all the letters? What letters would you have done differently?

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