Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Fall Date Ideas

I don't know about y'all, but here in Tennessee it is feeling a lot like fall. The leaves are slowly changing, it is extra chilly in the mornings, the evenings are spent in the hammock, and our A/C has officially been turned off. This time of year is my favorite. October is my favorite. Pumpkin Day is tied for my favorite. I just love living here there is a fall season. As much as I love fall, it is safe to say that I love my husband even more. But combine the two and this girl is in heaven covered in falling leaves, pumpkins, and hot chocolate. And since it is officially fall, that means that C and I will be out and about much more often because it is amazing outside this time of year.

1. Take a hike. We have several trails near our house, and this time of year they are even more beautiful. I feel like it is a whole new trail when the seasons change.

2. Have a bonfire. This could be with friends, or just the two of you. Bonus points for s'mores, hot chocolate, and cozy blankets.

3. Visit a pumpkin patch. Fall and pumpkins just go together. If you buy pumpkins, this will allow you to create a second date for carving them for Halloween.

4. Go apple picking. Spending an afternoon with the one you love in an apple orchard can be so romantic. And apples are healthy.

5. Go to a local high school/college football game. There is something about how great football and fall go together.

What are your favorite fall date ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Fall and football definitely go together! Who doesn't like Friday Night Lights!? These are great!



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