Thursday, October 30, 2014

4th Anniversary Vacation : Day 1-2

So I finally got a decent bit of sleep. I can finally say that I do not feel like a zombie anymore, and I put on real clothes this morning, not just a t-shirt and jeans. After lots of thought, I am going to split this recap up over the next 4 weeks. There is just too much good stuff to cram into one post. I'm also going to stick to a photo-caption kinda layout with an occasional extra paragraph every now and then only because the photo-caption style helps me remember what actually happened. Guys, you have no idea how badly I want to go on another cruise already. I haven't even been back for a week yet. Anyway, on to the fun stuff!

We headed out just about right on time. I think we were just 20 minutes late which is a huge deal for us. But we aren't without a problem within the first hour! We got about 30 minutes down the road only to realize I had left some jewelry that was pretty important to me, and I told C not to turn around, but he did anyway. It wasn't much of a set back, and I swear it helped with traffic, at least that is what I am going to say.

We met my mom and pop (aka my step-dad) to drop off this cute little pup. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, but we knew she would have a great time. Thankfully my mom also sent a bunch of pictures before we actually left on the cruise. 

Driving through ATL was no where near as bad as we expected. In fact, the drive wasn't that bad at all. I did sleep basically the entire way, so my thoughts could be a little wrong. When I was awake, C and I talked about life, the last year of our marriage (side note, it was a tough year), vacation, family, and everything in between. We also sang at the top of our lungs.

Saturday! The best start to a great vacation was lunch at the Shark Pit. We  ended up eating there twice in a day. Well worth it.

We finally made it down to the beach, and we relaxed for a while. We planned on spending more time there, but as I was headed out into the ocean, I saw a HUGE jellyfish and I could not get away from the water fast enough. I hate jellyfish. 

We spent another hour just laying out and reading. Finally, C was ready to go, and I didn't want to get burned. I love Cocoa Beach. It isn't crowded at all, and it is really quite. 

When we got back to the room, we decided it was time for dinner after all, so once we were ready, the silly faces of the week started! Some of my favorite pictures are the silly face pictures.

And this folks is why we at at the Shark Pit twice. We found it last year when we went on a cruise, and I'd be lying if I said we didn't plan our Saturday around eating there. The best popcorn shrimp I have ever had. And the buffalo sauce is to die for. So so yummy. I think we ended up splitting 3 baskets (small appetizer size).

When we finally finished eating, I insisted I needed to rearrange the suitcase contents so I could fit more stuff in them. This is also when I realized I forgot my make up brushes which meant a quick run to CVS. Thankfully we were packed and ready to go!

Be sure to come back next week. An exciting event will be on the blog!

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