Thursday, October 30, 2014

4th Anniversary Vacation : Day 1-2

So I finally got a decent bit of sleep. I can finally say that I do not feel like a zombie anymore, and I put on real clothes this morning, not just a t-shirt and jeans. After lots of thought, I am going to split this recap up over the next 4 weeks. There is just too much good stuff to cram into one post. I'm also going to stick to a photo-caption kinda layout with an occasional extra paragraph every now and then only because the photo-caption style helps me remember what actually happened. Guys, you have no idea how badly I want to go on another cruise already. I haven't even been back for a week yet. Anyway, on to the fun stuff!

We headed out just about right on time. I think we were just 20 minutes late which is a huge deal for us. But we aren't without a problem within the first hour! We got about 30 minutes down the road only to realize I had left some jewelry that was pretty important to me, and I told C not to turn around, but he did anyway. It wasn't much of a set back, and I swear it helped with traffic, at least that is what I am going to say.

We met my mom and pop (aka my step-dad) to drop off this cute little pup. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, but we knew she would have a great time. Thankfully my mom also sent a bunch of pictures before we actually left on the cruise. 

Driving through ATL was no where near as bad as we expected. In fact, the drive wasn't that bad at all. I did sleep basically the entire way, so my thoughts could be a little wrong. When I was awake, C and I talked about life, the last year of our marriage (side note, it was a tough year), vacation, family, and everything in between. We also sang at the top of our lungs.

Saturday! The best start to a great vacation was lunch at the Shark Pit. We  ended up eating there twice in a day. Well worth it.

We finally made it down to the beach, and we relaxed for a while. We planned on spending more time there, but as I was headed out into the ocean, I saw a HUGE jellyfish and I could not get away from the water fast enough. I hate jellyfish. 

We spent another hour just laying out and reading. Finally, C was ready to go, and I didn't want to get burned. I love Cocoa Beach. It isn't crowded at all, and it is really quite. 

When we got back to the room, we decided it was time for dinner after all, so once we were ready, the silly faces of the week started! Some of my favorite pictures are the silly face pictures.

And this folks is why we at at the Shark Pit twice. We found it last year when we went on a cruise, and I'd be lying if I said we didn't plan our Saturday around eating there. The best popcorn shrimp I have ever had. And the buffalo sauce is to die for. So so yummy. I think we ended up splitting 3 baskets (small appetizer size).

When we finally finished eating, I insisted I needed to rearrange the suitcase contents so I could fit more stuff in them. This is also when I realized I forgot my make up brushes which meant a quick run to CVS. Thankfully we were packed and ready to go!

Be sure to come back next week. An exciting event will be on the blog!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I feel like a zombie.

After waking up before 6:30 am and going to bed no earlier than 11:45 pm the 3 past days, I think I could put very little effort into a last minute Halloween costume. I feel like such a zombie and I know I look like one. While I may be getting about 6 hours of sleep or so a night, I can honestly say that is has been some of the worst sleep ever. That is why I am yet again postponing starting the vacation recaps. I'm tired. So this really works out great because today I am over on Samantha's blog. I'm talking about my skin care favorites and most of them are from the drugstore Target, so they don't cost a small fortune. Be sure to check it out. Or you can head over to Charlene's blog and check out my post about fighting fair in marriage. Thanks to both lovely ladies for letting me take over today!

So until tomorrow. Maybe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best. Vacation. Ever.

October 17, starting at about 6 pm until October 26 ending around 10 pm can officially be marked in the books as the best vacation ever. This cruise was just fantastic. We got to spend time by the beach, well beaches actually, we enjoyed a day on the ship with almost no one else, we sailed in St Maarten, and we had 6 days on the ship that were perfect weather wise, with just the last day being yucky. I'll call it a huge win!

Catching up on e-mails, blogs, and social media has proven to be quite a challenge. We took yesterday to get caught up on work, and grocery shopping because we had no food. Today I am taking the day to work, and get caught up on blog reading. I plan on posting on Wednesday's to recap this great vacation, and trust me there is a HUGE event to recap, so stay tuned! Until then, if you missed it, Charlene over at From Bisons to Buckeyes was a guest blogger while I was gone. so go check out her post about the ABC's of Fall if you missed it and head over and tell her hey!

Until tomorrow, I'll leave you with this, quite possibly my favorite picture of us from this trip!

Monday, October 20, 2014

ABC's of Fall | Guest Post

While I am wasting my day sitting in Coco Cay, I am please to say that Charlene is taking over my blog. She is one of my favorite bloggers and a fellow UGA lover. I hope you guys will head over to her blog and say hello! 


Hello lovely readers of, My Life as a Long! I was so excited to when Cait asked me to guest post one her blog while she's gone this week. I just love Fall and since we are officially a month into this wonderful season, I thought I'd give you my ABC's of Fall!

  • Apples- I love picking apples in the Fall. To me apples just scream Autumn. Apple cider, apple pie, apple dumplings. Yum!
  • Boots- There's not much better than breaking out your boots for Fall after they've been cooped up in your closet all summer. It just puts a smile on my face!
  • Candy- One of the first things you think of when you think Fall is Halloween and one of the first things you think of when you think of Halloween is candy.
  • Dry Skin- cooler weather means dryer skin. This isn't a good thing about Fall. But it certainly signifies Fall, nonetheless. Time to stock up on the lotion!
  • Eating anything pumpkin- Mmmmm I love Pumpkin.
  • Fall Festivals- Hay rides, pumpkin carving contests, haunted houses, and carnival food. You can't beat it!
  • Ghosts & Goblins- I love Halloween (see below) and everything that comes with it. Decorating, dressing up, and scary movies are at the top of my list!
  • Halloween- If you know me at all, then you already knew Halloween would be my 'H'! It's my favorite holiday.
  • Indians & Pilgrims- I also love Thanksgiving and decorating the house for it with Pilgrims and Indians! I hate that Christmas has started to take over and stamp Thanksgiving into the ground!
  • Jack-o-lanterns- More Halloween fun!
  • Keeping warm by a fire- I love fires and with the weather getting cooler, there's not much better than curling up with a book by the fire.
  • Leaves- You can't have Fall without beautiful changing and falling leaves.
  • Monster Mash- One of my favorite Halloween songs. I actually have an entire Halloween playlist on Spotify. Find it here.
  • New School Year- Fall certainly signifies the new school year! Unfortunately it doesn't mean that for me anymore but I remember the excitement each new school year brings!
  • Over-sized Sweaters- Yes please! Can you say comfy and cute? And it doesn't matter quite as much anymore that you had that extra slice of pie after dinner.

  • Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch- One of my most favorite things to do in the Fall.
  • Quality Time- For some reason Fall just makes me think of spending quality time with the ones I love. The weather gets cooler. We're getting closer to the holidays and going on walks or hay rides with my husband to spend time just talking sounds so appealing.
  • Reading- As I've said, Fall is a cozy season with fires and sweaters. When I'm curled up with a blanket by the fire, I'm usually reading!

  • Scary Movies- I've mentioned them before but I LOVE scary movies. And what better excuse is there to watch them than Halloween?
  • TV Shows- Fall is when most TV programs come back for a new season after taking a break for Summer. My husband and I have several we watch religiously and it's so exciting when they come back on!
  • UGA Football- You can't have Fall without football! The two are almost sononomus to some people. I'm a huge UGA fan (like Cait!), If you want to find me on a Saturday in the Fall, I'll most likely be watching the UGA game.
  • Visit a corn maze- I have actually never been to a corn maze but it just seems so fun to get lost with your love and to work together to find the way.
  • Warm Drinks- Not much signifies Fall and the crisp weather more than pumpkin spice latte's and hot chocolate!
  • Xtra blankets on the bed- I love finally snuggling up to sleep with the windows open after a long hot Summer!
  • Yawning constantly- For some reason I always seem more tired in the Fall. I don't know if it's because it starts getting dark earlier or because being cozy in big sweaters and blankets does that to me or if it's because I'm always really busy in the Fall trying to do a bunch of fun activities.
  • Zero negativity- It's really hard for me to be in a bad mood in the Fall. If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I just make myself some coffee, open the window and enjoy the smells of the season!

What do you think? Did I come up with some good things for all the letters? What letters would you have done differently?

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my Fall Date Ideas, the Reasons I Love Fall, and my DIY Fall Monogram Wreath.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[How to] Fight Fair : Tips for fighting fair in marriage.

If I am being completely honest, and I am, marriage is fun basically all of the time. At least it is for me and C. But there are those few times where a fight emerges and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Maybe it is that C has moon walked out of his socks too many times or maybe I dropped my bags in the hallway again. Either way, we sometimes just have one of those days where we fight. It is always the same with us, it starts small, like with the socks, then just grows until one of us is just over it. So today I am sharing a few tips on how we fight fair.

1. Don't bring up the past. As tempting as it is to throw something that happened in your spouses face when you are mad, it shouldn't be done. If you are constantly reminding your spouse of their past mistake, it can make them feel as if you can't forgive. 

2. No name calling. Remember you can't take words you say back. If you are constantly calling your spouse an idiot while fighting, soon they may begin to believe it. After all, you are supposed to be their best friend, the one always on their side. Stay away from name calling. 

3. Don't raise your voice too much. I get that raising your voice, yelling even, happens. I understand completely. However, when you raise your voice, you change the entire tone of the fight. It causes the mood to escalate which can end up causing people to get defensive. This can ultimately cause a simple fight to turn into something that was blown way out of proportion.

4. Don't get defensive. When you get defensive, you put up a barrier between you and your spouse. From time to time we all get defensive, especially if we feel like our character is being attacked. If you put up too many barriers in your marriage, it doesn't end well. Do what you can to keep your cool and stay as calm as possible to stop yourself from putting up a defense barrier. 

5. Take breaks. If you realize you and your spouse are getting no where with your fight, step up and suggest you take a few minutes to cool off, then you can talk again. Usually tension is so high during a fight that a short break may be the only thing it takes to resolve the whole issue. 

6. Don't fight to win. This has been the hardest thing for me to learn, but someone explained it to me that made so much sense. If you win, then your spouse loses, which means you both ultimately lose. Marriage is not a competition, it is a partnership. You don't want to see your partner lose right?

7. Say your are sorry. After fights, feelings are usually still hurt, at least a little. An apology goes a long way. 

8. Never fight tired./Go to be angry, sometimes. Tons of people told us to never go to be angry, but we have learned that when when we fight when we are tired, we do more damage than good. So while you should avoid fighting tired as much as humanly possible, I get that it happens from time to time. So when it does happen, don't be afraid to go to be angry. Like I said above, taking a break from the fight can help, and sleeping on the argument can allow both of you to clear your head. Just be sure to tell your spouse that you love them before you go to sleep. We have a rule in our house. "No matter how mad or tired you are, always say you love me and kiss me goodnight." When C and I go to bed angry, I know that I have at least shown affection to him before bed, and I know that he knows I love him. And it works the other way around as well. 

Do you have any fighting fair tips? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Fall Date Ideas

I don't know about y'all, but here in Tennessee it is feeling a lot like fall. The leaves are slowly changing, it is extra chilly in the mornings, the evenings are spent in the hammock, and our A/C has officially been turned off. This time of year is my favorite. October is my favorite. Pumpkin Day is tied for my favorite. I just love living here there is a fall season. As much as I love fall, it is safe to say that I love my husband even more. But combine the two and this girl is in heaven covered in falling leaves, pumpkins, and hot chocolate. And since it is officially fall, that means that C and I will be out and about much more often because it is amazing outside this time of year.

1. Take a hike. We have several trails near our house, and this time of year they are even more beautiful. I feel like it is a whole new trail when the seasons change.

2. Have a bonfire. This could be with friends, or just the two of you. Bonus points for s'mores, hot chocolate, and cozy blankets.

3. Visit a pumpkin patch. Fall and pumpkins just go together. If you buy pumpkins, this will allow you to create a second date for carving them for Halloween.

4. Go apple picking. Spending an afternoon with the one you love in an apple orchard can be so romantic. And apples are healthy.

5. Go to a local high school/college football game. There is something about how great football and fall go together.

What are your favorite fall date ideas?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pumpkin Day 2014

This past weekend was the weekend I was looking forward to the most, well with exception to our cruise. C and I have been together for 5 fall season. The very first fall season, I convinced him to drive to Ellijay, GA for pumpkins and apples. How I did that, I have no idea. Then the next year, we did the same thing, then we went for our first anniversary. Needless to say, this specific trip has become known as Pumpkin Day in our house. We make the trip over every year, even now that we live in Chattanooga. We stop at Panarama Orchards and pick up apples, baby popcorn, some extra yummy sauces, and the best apple cider donuts known to man. We also usually split a fried apple pie and I down a few cups of apple cider. Yummy stuff I tell ya.

We then make a stop at Hillcrest Orchards for some more apples and some jam. Once again, I usually down some apple cider. My favorite stop though is at Burt's Pumpkin Farm. While this place is usually packed, I feel it is well worth it. There are so many pumpkins to pick from and all kinds of colors. We usually get several along with mini pumpkins, gourds, and corn. C always get an Icee, and I always get cheddar popcorn. Junk food is really present on this trip. Our last stop is lunch at Longhorn's, however we were in a bit of a hurry this year, so we didn't get lunch there. Our trip home always always always includes several funny faces.

Pumpkin Day is always when I feel like it is really fall. Sure I basically think fall starts on August 1st, but Pumpkin Day really is fall. The weather, the colors, the pumpkins, it just screams fall. I've already started planning our Pumpkin Day next year,

Do you have any fall traditions?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

You Are Worth It.

I had a post planned out talking about how I stay motivated, but after a conversation I had with a dear friend last night, I really felt like I should post something else. This is that something else. 

We live in a world where social media is king. We share our lives to everyone via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and so may other sites/apps. Bloggers take it even a step further by writing about tons on a website for everyone to see. We share with the world, but are we really sharing ourselves, or only what we thinks society will approve of? 

I know I am guilty of it. I'll gladly post about the workout I just had, but not the lazy evening laying on the couch watching Netfilx, while eating junk that has occurred for the past 5 days in a row. I'll post a picture of my freshly cleaned home, but not one of my home in every day life. On average, people only share their Pinterest perfect parts of life. That isn't real life though, not for most of us. 

For me, I am hardly ever Pinterest perfect. Life is messy. If you went to my house right now, you would find my bed isn't made and blankets are on the floor in the living room. I forgot to put my water glass in the kitchen, and don't even get me started on laundry. Windows need to be cleaned and I'm pretty sure that dishes need to be put away. My fridge probably needs cleaned out and I know I need to grocery shop. I wouldn't dare share that via social media. The standards of life are so high thanks to the various websites and apps we spend a ton of time on. And blogging is no different. 

What is horrible is a lot of people determine their worth based on the amount of likes, followers, mentions, etc that they have. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of it. I'm tired of feeling like I have to live up to this expectation that has been created for me by social media. Earlier this year, I took a break from social media, and that was a breath of fresh air. We have to learn balance. 

Worth isn't measured by the number on a scale, the amount of nights you spend hanging out with friends, or even the person that you spend your life with. We tend to forget that. As a general rule, us women are so hard on ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. We tear ourselves down and it destroys our spirit. We allow the expectations of everyone else to get to us. Well, I have something that I want all women to hear, and even men to. 

You are worth it. You are worth more than you can image. You are worth more than the cost of your car, or the price of your clothes. You are worth more that all the riches in the wold. You are worthy of great things. You are worth it. You are loved. You are loved more than you can imagine. It doesn't matter if your life is perfect, or if you think it is falling apart, you're worth isn't based on where you are in life. No matter where you are in life, remember that you are so loved that someone died for you. You are worth dying for. Jesus died for you. You are worth it. Don't ever forget that. 

If you are struggling with your worth, please find someone to talk to. You are welcome to contact me. If you need prayers, please let me know so that I can pray for you. We need to build each other up and support each other. Don't let social media or some one's expectations determine your worth. You are worth it. Don't let anyone tell you different. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently : October 2014

October is here! October is here! October is here! To say I am excited about October is quite an understatement. I've been looking forward to October since the first of the year. It is my favorite month, and not just because it is our anniversary month.

Currently I am :

Smelling | Fall smells. Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. I'm a huge pumpkin smell fan, and I love that pumpkin scented everything is out right now.

Loving | This weather! It is just perfect. I basically want to live outside. Can someone help convince C we need to move outside for a while?

Planning | Trips! We go to Ellijay in just 3 short days for our annual pumpkin/apple getting trip. I look forward to it all year round. It is the only tradition that we have had since we were dating. We have started other traditions over the years, but this is the one that has been there from the start. AND I am planning on Anniversary cruise. We are just 16 days away from leaving, and we are semi packed. I'm stressing about making sure everything is ready and that we don't forget anything like we have in the past.

Baking | Nothing. I am really slacking this year. What is wrong with me??

Celebrating | C got a test date for a job he is really interested in! His test is a week from today, and we are really hoping that this works out. And I'll find any reason to celebrate these days.

Happy October!!!


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