Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Morning Makes Me Sleepy

Game day weekends are always a blast. I love watching UGA play. It is half the reason I love fall. Okay, maybe not quite half. Any who. Our weekend was full of fun stuff. We had my sisters and my dad over to watch the Tennessee vs UGA game. The only Vols fan in the house was my dad. I'd say he was out numbered.

The house was full of red and black, as you can see below. Food was made, and our new giant TV had been picked up and was ready to go. We spent the day watching football and talking about our childhood. We play the old frogger on an even older Nintendo game set. My older sister is still the best at video games.

Oh, I forgot. UGA won. 

Sunday was spent doing what I do best, eating and shopping. We had lunch with my dad and sister, then we headed out so I could find a dress for our cruise that we leave for in 18 days. (WHAT?) I know. I'm super late in the shopping department, but I did find a dress and it will be here by the 8th, so score. 

When all that fun was over, C headed downtown to watch some of the Iron Man race. I decided not to go because I was tired, and I don't do crowds when I'm cranky. He loved it though. I'm really hoping I go next year. Those athletes are amazing. 

Yeah, the crowd would have been the death of me. Our weekend was fun, but it went by way to fast. I'd like to do more over the weekends. Is it just me or are fall weekends shorter? 

I rambled today. Obviously my mind isn't awake yet. Happy Monday! 


  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! I get so jealous of all the "football fun" that happens in certain parts of the country. Although, yes, Monday mornings would be a bummer....



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