Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Is Saturday In Athens!

Obviously, today is Tuesday, not Saturday. I wanted to make sure I posted about my weekend, especially since I had such an awesome weekend! A great weekend is hard to come by during this time of year because we are so busy with other things. But it it is officially fall UGA Football season, and that makes everything better. In the south, there 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football. We take football seriously here in the south, and my family is no different. So here is how our weekend went. 

This cute little girl is learning to hate riding in the car. We have traveled for the past several weekends, and I am pretty sure she is sick of it. Good news Chaco. We are staying home this weekend! 

When we stopped to grab something to eat, this happened. Obviously his lifted Ford F350 needed to take up not one, but 2 of the compact parking spots because the 10 other regular spots weren't close enough to the door. It really made me mad. 

Saturday we got up early to head to the in-law's house so we could head to Athens, GA. While I was raise a Tennessee Vols fan, I quickly came to my senses when we moved to GA, and I proudly became a UGA Bulldogs fan. In all my years of being a UGA fan, I had never seen a game at Sanford stadium.I was excited probably more than anyone else.

Our seats were awesome, and I was pleased that I could actually see what was going on. 

The game was great and UGA won 66-0 vs Troy. It was a complete blast to watch. I am now a firm believer that the best Saturday is spent in Athens, GA. The excitement was unbelievable. There is nothing quite like cheering on the Dawgs in the stadium. 

And as always, many pictures were taken. I can honestly say that this will not be the last game I attend. 

It was really awesome to share this experience with my in-laws. They are both UGA alumni, so After the game, we walked around campus. 

C's last UGA game was in 2005. When he was there, UGA won, but his brother didn't wait around for him to ring the church bell, so when UGA won this game, C made sure to ring that bell enough for the past 9 years. I'd say the look on his face says it all. 

And since we were in Athens, a picture at the arch had to happen. Talk about a great memory. I was so thankful to my in-laws for showing me around. It was great to bond with them. When you get married, you marry into your spouse's family, and I really think that it is important to spend time with your in-laws. Although our relationship started off rocky, I can honestly say that I really think I had an amazing set of in-laws. They have taught me so much about life, love, and commitment. I am extremely blessed to have them as family.  

Oh, and we obviously practiced the "walking selfie." I'd say my skills are improving. 

Sunday was spent relaxing. I am so glad I bought some sweat pants when we were at UGA because those things are the most comfortable. And any way I can show support for my team is fine by me. 

Like I said before, I was raised a Vols fan, and I will gladly pull for then when they play against anyone but UGA. This Saturday, the Vols will travel to Sanford Stadium to play UGA. While I live in Tennessee, my team is in GA. I am surrounded by Vols fans at work though, and I am happy to report that I have worn a UGA shirt yesterday and today. I also have more UGA attire to wear the rest of the week, with an extra special shirt planned for Friday. 

I hope y'all are off to a great start this week! I know I am. And to all my fellow UGA fans. Go Dawgs! 

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