Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apparently I Don't Blog On Time

So last weekend, many things happened. But since it is alright Friday again, I'll just give you a super short version, then the few pictures I actually took. Okay? Okay!

Friday we did what has become the normal for us, we headed to GA. Saturday, C was "supposed to help his dad build a shed." Instead, his parents had planned a surprise birthday party for me. I'm not going to lie, I jumped when they yelled "Surprise." I never expected it, and it was by far the sweetest thing they have done for me. We traveled home Saturday evening and watched the Georgia vs South Carolina game. Sad loss, but I expected it. Sunday meant Target which also meant the first PSL of the season. Chattanooga had a really rare WW2 ship docked downtown for about a week, so Sunday we went down to see it. The line was about 10 years long, so we didn't tour it, but it was just awesome to see a part if history. And it made for a great date! Then the day turned bad when I found a huge spider. Leave it to Sunday to scare me half to death. 

Our week was busy with work working out, and packing for our cruise! Our weekend is going to be awesome. We are once again on our way to GA, but this time, we are hoping to have more fun! Have a great weekend! 

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