Monday, August 4, 2014

Someone Turned 25

And it wasn't me. At least not yet. I still have a month to go. C turned 25 on Sunday, so naturally, we spent the entire weekend celebrating! Last year we didn't do much for his birthday, so this year we did more. Go big or go home right? Recap? I think so.

Friday night, we went to dinner with my dad and step mom to our Soddy Daisy favorite restaurant, Steve's Landing. After, we drove around to see some homes around the lake. It just happens to be a favorite past time of mine. While we were out, we saw this.

Saturday morning, C woke up extra early to mow the yard. That meant I got to spend some time with this cute little girl. She was extra sweet. I think she was still half asleep though. 

Later, we drove around downtown Chattanooga, another favorite past time of ours. We learned how to navigate the city a little better, we hit up the Vineyard Vines outlet sale (side note : I hope this means we will be getting a Vineyard Vines soon!), the C's parents met us at the Tupelo Honey Cafe for lunch/dinner. Boy of boy was that amazing. C and I decided we will be going back soon! After that, we headed off to the Lookouts game with his parents. It was a ton of fun and the Lookouts won! We didn't stay the entire time, we actually left at the end of the 7th inning, but it was a blast!

After we left the game, and said goodbye to his parents, we headed up to our favorite ice cream shop, The Ice Cream Show, and enjoyed some ice cream while walking the Walnut Street Bridge.

C's last day as a 24 year old was stuffed fun of fun things, so that meant his first day as a 25 year old had to be good as well. We had several friends over for a cookout to celebrate his birthday. Even though it was a little hot outside, we had a great time. We spent a little time out on the deck drinking the first Sam Adams Oktoberfest of the season, and hammocking with the pup. 

Once the bugs got too bad, we headed inside to watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. We ended the evening off by going to sleep early because we can't hang with the young kids anymore, and the late night Saturday was killer for us. 

So to C, Happy birthday! I really hope that your weekend reminded you of how much you are loved by several people. I can't speak for everyone, but you are a blessing. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You bring so much joy into our marriage. I am so excited to have celebrated a 6th birthday with you. I can't wait to celebrate many more! I love you! Happy 25th!

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  1. I love Tupel Honey Cafe! I didn't realize there were more than the 2 in Asheville. Glad you got to try it, so yummy!



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