Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Happens When You Take Time Off From Social Media.

So apparently I took some time away from this blog, and social media in general. Sure I posted a few weekend recaps, and I have posted a few instgrams, along with a few tweets, but for the most part, I really really really took some time off. You know what? It. Was. Fantastic. While I love this little blog, I felt so amazing not stressing on making sure a post was up. And trust me, I know that doesn't do to good for those sponsorships I had running in blogland. For me though, it was basically life changing.

In a world where social media is king, signing off Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Blogger is almost unheard of. But I had some serious will power, and I did it. Having pictures on my phone that haven't been shared with the world, well that is something I am proud of. While I love sharing my life, but sometimes you just want to have private memories. So for the past few weeks, I have sat down the iPhone, iPad, and laptop and just lived in the moment.

Over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying my life with my husband. We have explored our city and found new places we love. I have enjoyed time with family. I got to have lunch/dinner with my in-laws several times, I got to kayak and fish and not be worried about who posted what. I got to enjoy my nephew's birthday, and my step-dad's surprise (though way late) birthday party. I got to spend time with those I love. My time was not interrupted by a notification that I got a like or comment because I kept my phone on silent, and in my purse.

My life was quiet, with to me sounds great. I really took the time to reevaluate my life and my priorities. Trust me, it wasn't easy, but it was a lesson I needed to learn. Now that I have my priorities in the right order, I am ready to be back at this whole blogging thing. I'm not going to jump in head first, but I am going to slowly get back into it.

Just a suggestion to those fellow social media addicts, take a little time off. Trust me, it allows you to see the world in a whole new way, and it allows you to really take a look at your life. It pays off.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

That Time I Went Fishing

I've been slacking on this whole blogging thing, but ever since we bought a kayak, we basically have just stayed on the lake. But with the rain we are expected to have the rest of the week, I am hoping that it allows me to get back into blogging. And just in time for FALL! This girls is super excited!

So once again, we had a great weekend! We bought fishing poles and recreated our second first date.

Saturday morning, we went fishing again where I caught my first fish, or at least the first one I can remember. 

Then I caught a second fish. It was a baby fish and I named him Larry. I'm no fisherman fisherwoman by any means. I talk way to much and I am far too loud. I don't find fishing relaxing. I do find it fun though. It was a blast getting to fish all day with C and my dad, even if I got sun burnt. 

C even made a new friend. His name is Gill. Obviously we are extremely mature. 

No weekend is complete with out a kayaking trip, and that is just what we did. On our way back in, C stopped and picked this pretty flower for me. Anyone have any idea what kind it is? 

Waking up Sunday to this view was by far the best part of the weekend. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Weekend Where I Woke Up At 4:15 AM

I've had this post just hanging out since Sunday evening. I just haven't been motivated enough to log into blogger and write. I think you will understand by the end of this post. Shall we talk about this past weekend?

Friday night was a great night. we realized at home and had Chili's. Not the healthiest choice, but a good one in my book. Add in the fact that I was using my IWYP koozie and you have a real winner! 

Saturday is for the farmer's market, grocery shopping, and flower buying. We did all three. 

Saturday also meant we had to go downtown for C to pick up his race packet. He decided months ago to run the Sports Barn Triathlon Sprint, and Saturday we made the journey downtown. We also learned that they are having a SUP class for the next few weeks and I am really hoping that we can get in a class. 

I should also mention that we bought a kayak. We have wanted a kayak for a while now, and we finally got one. C named her Blue Moon. I don't get it either. 

We bought the kayak, then went straight to the lake. In our excitement, we didn't even care that it was raining. 

When we got home, we had to go to the store to get stuff for dinner because we changed our mind on what we wanted at the last minute. And much to C's surprise, almost immediately after we got home, his parents knocked on the door. I had been planning on C's family coming up for a while, and to celebrate his birthday. Plans fell though, and not everyone was able to attend, but his parents showed up and brought an ice cream cake. 

He was completely shocked and excited that they would be there for his triathlon in the morning. Speaking of morning. I was woken up at 4:15 am to drop C off at 4:30 am. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person at all. I wasn't in the best mood, and even ended up going 30 minutes out of my way to get home because I forgot where I was going. 

After I finally made it home and went back to sleep, it was once again time to get up to go support that wonderful husband of mine. We were standing at transition 2. When C came in on the bike, he said he didn't see us and was pretty bummed, but when he came out for the run, he finally saw us and the smile on his face told us he was a happy man. Too bad I couldn't get my camera to work fast enough. 

After we finally got back from downtown, we headed out to the lake again to kayak some more. The in-laws brought up their kayak, so we were finally able to kayak together. It was a blast and the chance of bad weather didn't deter us at all. 

Our weekend ended at the Tupelo Honey Cafe' and I must say it was a great way to end the weekend.

Our week so far has consisted of taking a rest day, and spending hours kayaking. In fact, the rest of the week is going to be spent on the water if I have anything to say about it. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm at a loss for what to write today. I've had a pretty rough week already and well, all I can do is pray that the next 72 days will fly by so that I can be on vacation. Just the simple thought of lounging on the beach or by the pool with a adult beverage in my hand while I think about nothing is pretty enticing to me. So when you have no idea what to write, you can do one of 2 things; you can not write at all or you can find a great link up and write about that topic. I picked the link up, obviously.

Currently I am...

Reading : I just finished the Divergent series again, and up next on the list is American Sniper. C has raved about it quite a bit, and so I plan on starting it tonight. I'm open to suggestions though, so if you know of any good books, let me know!

Enjoying : Coffee and a chocolate muffin (that is dairy, gluten, and soy free). It has been my go to breakfast for about a week now. The muffin pretty much rocks. I'm also enjoying exercising/working out. It doesn't always have to be boring push ups and jumping jacks. our hike yesterday was a great one!

Listening :  The Jimmy Buffet station on Pandora. The vacation that is coming up has really put me in the mood for Jimmy Buffet songs. I always forget how much of a good mood it puts me in. It also makes me want a Margarita.

Photographing : My puppy. She has been so sweet this past week. All she wants to do is sit on my lap which is the cutest thing ever. I'm also photographing our adventures and daily life so that I can remember the little moments.

Feeling : Overwhelmed and excited. I'm feeling overwhelmed because it feels like I have 10 thousand things to do and no time to do them in. I'm feeling excited because I have finally seen some results after working out for the past 4 weeks. I'm also excited because we may get to add an extra day to our vacation.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Someone Turned 25

And it wasn't me. At least not yet. I still have a month to go. C turned 25 on Sunday, so naturally, we spent the entire weekend celebrating! Last year we didn't do much for his birthday, so this year we did more. Go big or go home right? Recap? I think so.

Friday night, we went to dinner with my dad and step mom to our Soddy Daisy favorite restaurant, Steve's Landing. After, we drove around to see some homes around the lake. It just happens to be a favorite past time of mine. While we were out, we saw this.

Saturday morning, C woke up extra early to mow the yard. That meant I got to spend some time with this cute little girl. She was extra sweet. I think she was still half asleep though. 

Later, we drove around downtown Chattanooga, another favorite past time of ours. We learned how to navigate the city a little better, we hit up the Vineyard Vines outlet sale (side note : I hope this means we will be getting a Vineyard Vines soon!), the C's parents met us at the Tupelo Honey Cafe for lunch/dinner. Boy of boy was that amazing. C and I decided we will be going back soon! After that, we headed off to the Lookouts game with his parents. It was a ton of fun and the Lookouts won! We didn't stay the entire time, we actually left at the end of the 7th inning, but it was a blast!

After we left the game, and said goodbye to his parents, we headed up to our favorite ice cream shop, The Ice Cream Show, and enjoyed some ice cream while walking the Walnut Street Bridge.

C's last day as a 24 year old was stuffed fun of fun things, so that meant his first day as a 25 year old had to be good as well. We had several friends over for a cookout to celebrate his birthday. Even though it was a little hot outside, we had a great time. We spent a little time out on the deck drinking the first Sam Adams Oktoberfest of the season, and hammocking with the pup. 

Once the bugs got too bad, we headed inside to watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. We ended the evening off by going to sleep early because we can't hang with the young kids anymore, and the late night Saturday was killer for us. 

So to C, Happy birthday! I really hope that your weekend reminded you of how much you are loved by several people. I can't speak for everyone, but you are a blessing. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You bring so much joy into our marriage. I am so excited to have celebrated a 6th birthday with you. I can't wait to celebrate many more! I love you! Happy 25th!

Friday, August 1, 2014

1 Month : Progress Report

It has been one month. One month since I weighed in and measured myself for the start of my healthy journey. I've attempted getting healthy in the past, and well, I have failed miserably. I'll be honest, I have never gotten as far as I have this time. I'm not sure what it is, but something is different. So here goes.

Weight : 222.2 lbs
BMI : 34.8
R Arm : 15.25 in
R Forearm : 11 in (7/18/14)
R Wrist : 6.75 in (7/18/14)
Chest : 45.5 in
Waist : 42.75 in
Hips : 47.75 in
R Thigh : 26.75 in
R Calf : 17 in

Weight : 219.8 lbs
BMI : 34.4
R Arm : 14 in
R Forearm : 11 in
R Wrist : 6.75 in
Chest : 43 in
Waist : 38.5 in
Hips : 45.5 in
R Thigh : 25 in
R Calf : 17 in

Total Lost
Weight : 2.4 lbs
BMI : 0.4
R Arm : 1.25 in
R Forearm : 0 in
R Wrist : 0 in
Chest : 2.5 in
Waist : 4.25 in
Hips : 2.25 in
R Thigh : 1.75 in
R Calf : 0 in
Total Inches : 12!

While I have not lost a lot of weight, I have lost a lot of inches in my opinion. When I was a member of a gym and was working out with a personal trainer, I didn't see these results after 2 months. Sure my weight had dropped a little more, but the inches held on for deal life.

My workouts now include a large variety of things. We are slowly doing the 30 Day Shred (once I can get up in enough time, this will be my morning workout), P90X (we are doing the lean program, but we don't stick to doing it every day), works outs I have found through Pinterest or GlistenFit, and now we have added Crossfit. I was doing crossfit style workouts a while back, but I really love them now. I PR'd my dead lift, and now I am stuck at that weight until we get more weights.

My eating has been decent. There is room for improvement for sure. I know I am not eating enough. I'll occasionally grab fast food when I forget to bring my lunch to work, and we eat out from time to time which is usually not healthy. I no longer drink soda, and I usually stick to water, almond milk, Simply Lemonade (any flavor), and some other organic juices. We eat as much fresh local produce as possible. We love the farmer's market just down the street from us that is open on Saturday. I think we are going to start buying eggs there as well. We pretty much cut out quite a bit of bread, pasta and rice. We still will eat it from time to time, but we stick to whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole wheat, spinach, or organic pasta. We love lean meats, and lots of veggies. Smoothies are our favorite on the go breakfast. During the work week, you can find us snacking on pecans, cashews, Craisins, Annie's organic fruit bunnies, Boom. Chicka. Pop. organic popcorn, Kind bars, Quest bars, fresh fruit, or the Simply Balanced fruit strips/ropes. Now to just actually get myself to eat enough and I will be in good shape.

I am so proud of the progress I have made, and I am even more proud of the fact that C and I are doing this together. I can't wait to see what month 2 brings.

Goals For August :
Teach myself to wake up earlier so I can work out before work out
Eat breakfast
Walk/jog 3 times a week
Start learning how to do a pull up
Lose 4 more inches overall
Clean & Jerk - 75 lbs
Back Squat - 75 lbs

What are some of your favorite workouts?
Are you on a healthy journey? I'd love to hear about it. 
Do you have any healthy goals set for August?


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