Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why We Don't Have A Gym Membership

Don't get me wrong, the gym is a great tool when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. However, for us, it just isn't worth it at this time. We had a gym membership last year for a long time, and it was great while we had the membership. However, I was using the treadmill and stair climber, a few hand weights, and the lifting bar and weights. After sitting down and thinking it through, C and I decided that we could actually invest the $70 a month we were spending at the gym on equipment for at home. I didn't need the treadmill or stair climber since we could go to the local high school and use their track and stadium stairs. Before long, we had purchased a few bars, some weights, and other odds and ends.

For me, I need as few excuses as possible to work out. I love the results of working out, I just hate that actual act of working out. I hate getting sweaty because I feel like I stink, and I hate to stink. I have a love/hate relationship with the day after a workout when I am sore. I'll find every excuse not to work out. If I have to go change into workout clothes, it is too much work, so don't even think I am willing to drive to go to the gym.

Having equipment at the house has helped me not use as many excuses. I always change into workout clothes when I get home, even if I don't think I will get a workout in. We leave our dumbbells upstairs, so when I do a workout DVD, I don't have to walk all the way downstairs to get them. I keep workout DVDs in the DVD player so that I don't have to get up to put it in the DVD player. It is all about making it as hard as possible to make excuses. So obviously, you can get the picture that I was in fact making an excuse to not go to the gym because it was just too much work. Crazy, I know.

Working out at home also gives me the freedom to feel more comfortable when I work out. At the gym, I get really self conscious so I tend not to push my self as hard. At home, I know that no one is watching, so I can push myself harder. In front of people I am so afraid of failure, so I try and keep myself from anything that could possible cause me to fail. At home, it is just me, and I push myself to get better, even if it means failure.

I'm not saying that we won't ever have a gym membership again, but until we make a habit out of working out, we have decided to just stick to working out at home. Thought I really miss having a pool.

Do you have a gym membership? Why or why not?

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