Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Skin Care Favorites

I'm by no means a fashion or beauty blogger. If I am being completely honest, my daily outfit is a pair of jeans, flip flops, and a company t-shirt with my hair pulled in a bun with no make up. Obviously I love sleeping until the last minute don't I? I do take my skin very seriously though. My teenage years were full of acne, and while I have mostly grown out of it, if I don't take extra care of my face and skin, I will break out again. So while this may not work for others, it works for me. I love reading about other blogs that share their favorite things, so I figured I would share my favorite skin care favorites. The list is long, and I don't use all of these daily. Most of the time, I mix and match so to speak. Thankfully though, I have found brands and products I love and I stick to them.

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First up is sunscreen. I use this for overall coverage whenever I am outside. I know, I know. the 100+ SPF does nothing extra, but I like it, and I have yet to get burnt while using it, so I stick to it. I use this for my face. My big problem is finding something that won't make my face feel icky, or make it extra oily. I just recently started using this one, and I love it. I always make sure I keep a bottle of this in my purse so I can add a little if I am out in the sun too long. 

Next up is lotion. I have a ton of bath and body works lotion, and I use it, but for every day use, I use this. I've been using it for years. I even keep a mini bottle in my car. I use it after every shower, and most nights before bed. I also use this on my elbows, hands, and feet before bed. I don't remember how I ended up with it, but I love it. My feet are always extra dry because I hate wearing shoes, so this is really great. I also make sure to use this nightly around my eyes. 

As far as my face goes, I love the Yes To! line. I have used most all of their products at one point or another and I love most of them all. For my face, I am a huge fan of the Yes To Tomatoes line though. I keep the scrub in the shower and I use it daily. I use the gel cleanser in the evenings. 

For the face wipes and freshen spray, I use the spray when I have a little more time on my hands, and I use the wipes when I am crunched for time. You can also bet that the wipes are packed away in my work out bag. I have tired all the Yes To! face wipes, and the blueberry are my favorite. They do a great job at removing my make up as well. 

I usually only use the moisturizer a very little at a time, and I use it usually every other night, or every third night. If I use it too often, or I use too much, my face becomes oily fast. I also like to treat myself and use the mask every so often. When I buy the scrub at target, they usually are including one mask free. Since my husband and I both use the scrub, we go through it twice as quick as if it was just me using it, so I keep a little collection of the single use face masks, and when I get a little me time, I pamper myself. 

What are some of your skin care favorites? 


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  1. I love Yes to Tomatoes, the cleansing wipes are always in rotation. :-)



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