Monday, July 14, 2014

I Didn't Know I Was Training For A Triathlon

Our weekend was supposed to be full of relaxing fun, but instead, it wasn't, well not for me. We had plans this weekend, so we only got a little bit of spare time. And in that spare time, we went to the local farmer's market. Talk about yummy. We love fresh grown produce, and supporting our local community is my favorite thing. We got most of our veggies for the week, and an extra special treat of blueberries! Talk about yummy. We ate through basically the entire bag this weekend.

With the other little bit of spare time, we trained for a triathlon that C is doing. Since it is his first, it is a short triathlon. I am certainly not participating in it, but I support my husband, so we train together. Riding a bike, swimming, and running are not my idea of fun. However, getting to wear bright colors out in public makes for an entertaining grocery store run, especially if your husband is wearing bike shorts. 

I am happy to report that we worked out every day this weekend, and we made smart food choices. While grocery shopping, we had a pizza in our cart for dinner Saturday night. After stopping and talking about it, we decided to not get it. We have been doing so good on our eating, and we didn't want to ruin it with a pizza. We also prepared lunches for this week, and I've got a ton of things to snack on. Here is to staying on track! 

Do you meal prep for the week?

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