Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9 More Days + My Fall Bucket List

9 days until what you ask? 9 pdays until I officially consider it Autumn. Crazy, I know. It will still be about 100 degrees here in Chattanooga, but something about August makes me think of fall. It is when I start decorating the house for football Georgia Bulldogs season, I break out the fall scented candles and Scentsy wax, and I hang a fall wreath on the door. It is my favorite time of year after all.

Like I talked about last year, this is the busy season for us complete with his and hers birthdays, apple picking and pumpkin getting in Ellijay, GA, our anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Saturday, and of course Christmas. This year we are adding in a few things though, like C is doing a short triathlon, a mud run, and I need my tattoo touched up. Throw in some nights curled up in a hammock with hot chocolate, and I am as happy as a clam.

I'm hoping that this last part of the year is going to be as great as last year!

My Fall Bucket List
  1. Go to Burt's Pumpkin Farm in Ellijay and pick the perfect pumpkin.
  2. Make a Fresh Apple Cake from apples that we picked in Ellijay. 
  3. Go Camping. 
  4. Take Chaco for a hike on the Cumberland Trail.
  5. Go on at least 1 picnic. 
  6. Jump in a big pile of leaves. 
  7. Prefect my own pumpkin spice coffee. 
  8. Plan a FriendsGiving (if schedules allow)
  9. Go to Rock City for Rocktoberfest
  10. Celebrate Christmas Saturday complete with Christmas Tree Waffles and Christmas Vacation. (Saturday after Thanksgiving)
  11. Have friends over for Hot Chocolate and Smores.
  12. Dress Chaco up as a black cat for Halloween. 
  13. Bring a pumpkin spice cake to work for breakfast one day. 
  14. Eat an apple cider donut. 
  15. Visit 1 local winery. 

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