Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 Ways To Help Me Deal With Baby Fever

C and I want kids. We both would love to have 2 boys. Wait, who am I kidding, I would love a girl. Either way, we both agree that the most important thing is that we have a happy healthy child. Boy or girl doesn't really matter when it comes down to it, but we want kids.

In just 3 short months, we will have been married for 4 years. We will both be 25. We both have great jobs, and we are working on finances, investing, savings, and buying a house. We want kids, but we know that having a baby will come in God's time for us. But sometimes I don't think that is good enough and I get a serious case of baby fever. It doesn't help when you have a friend with an adorable little boy or that a ton of the bloggers I follow have adorable babies or are pregnant! So I've come up with a list of how I deal with baby fever.  

1 First things first, I sleep in. Sleeping in when you have a new baby is hard from what I hear. So when I start to feel that baby fever coming on, I take a Saturday morning and I sleep in. I make sure the alarm clock is off and I have no plans so I can sleep as late as possible.

2 I head to the track for a nice walk/jog/run. Right now, all I have to do is change and jump in the car. When we have a baby, making sure we have everything for the baby and that stroller is ready to go is going to make me not want to attempt the track at all. Also, the inevitable will happen and baby will either be hungry, need a diaper change, or will have just thrown up as soon as we go to walk out the door.

3 We take a spontaneous trip. This trip could be a weekend get away, or something as simple as going out on the town for the night. When a baby comes, planning will have to happen more often. No more spontaneous getaways.

4 I remember I have less than 3 moths until I go on a week long vacation where I will spend a decent amount of time in a swim suit lounging by the pool with a fruity adult beverage in hand. I'm pretty sure that this won't happen for a while after baby is born, especially the swim suit part.

5 I decide to drink a bottle of wine by myself. I can't do that when I have a baby because downing a whole bottle of wine by myself means sleeping in the next morning and for that, see above.

6 I take a bubble bath and binge watch Netflix. Spending hours doing nothing, yeah not going to happen with a new baby. My time will be spent cuddling the new baby, and probably dressing baby up for any holiday I can.


7 This may be a little shallow, but I go shopping for myself/get a manicure and pedicure/get my hair done. These things are still possible when you have a baby, but when a baby come along, shopping will be done more for the baby, a mani/pedi won't last long, and I'm sure I'll be rocking the mom pony tail, so getting my hair done would be a waste. 

I really hope this list doesn't make me sound shallow/inconsiderate/rude... I love babies/kids and I can't wait to start a family. I want to be a mom more than anything, but in the right time. C and I are so excited to start a family when it is the right time for us. We both want to be parents, but we are loving and cherishing every moment as a family of 2 (humans).

How do you handle baby fever? 

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