Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Minute Make Up

You can usually find me on any given day not wearing make-up. Why? I cherish my few extra minutes of sleep, and well, we only have 2-4 other people in the office on any given day. And I usually have exactly 0 interactions at work with anyone other than those 2-4 people. Occasionally I will put on some mascara and lip gloss, but those days are few and far between. Does that mean I never wear make up? No. I do wear it for certain occasions like church, date nights, a get together, and other important events like weddings. Good news is that if I ever can force myself to get up 5 minutes earlier, I could do my make up for work. 5 minutes people. That is how long it takes me to put make up on. So I figured I would share my make up favorites that help me with my 5 minute face.

Step 1 : While putting all my make up out on the counter, I clean my face with these face wipes

Step 2 : I use this Smashbox primer all over my face. I use this MK brush

Step 3 : I stumbled across this Garnier BB cream, and I just love it. I've used lots of other foundations, but this BB Cream takes the cake. It doesn't feel heavy and it gives me great coverage. As shown above, I use the same style brush that I use with my primer. Shade : Light/Medium

Step 4 : I apply this Smashbox blush with this MK brush (mine is actually the old style). If you want a cheaper version of this blush, here is the Mary Kay and E.L.F. colors. Shade : Paradise

Step 5 : I use this Mary Kay eye primer. I've not tried many other eye primers, so I have just stuck to this one. 

Step 6 : I use this MK brush to apply this Sephora shadow in the corner of my eyes. I apply very little. This helps my eyes appear bigger. Shade : White Shimmer

Step 7 : I use this Maybelline eye cream color across my eye lid and up to my brow bone. I use this MK brush. Mary Kay also has a color similar. Shade : Barely Branded

Step 8 : My go to look is a light smoky eye. Browns don't look as good as gray, silver, blacks, do. So I stick with this Maybelline set. I actually only use the top 3 colors. A quick once over most of my lid with the lightest color, then the 2nd lightest color goes on. I use this MK brush. Then the 3rd lightest (or 2nd darkest) goes just on the outside edge of the crease. I use this MK brush for the crease. Shade : Charcoal Smokes

Step 9 : I apply this Smashbox eyeliner to the bottom only. My eyes are so tiny that using it on the top would just be too heavy, so I use this starting from the outside corner of my eye, and I bring it in only about 2/3 of the way. I do not line the entire bottom part of my eye. Below is a better look at the liner. It is a black liner with gold pearl. I hardly ever use straight black liner. Shade : 3D Sparks

Step 10 : This Maybelline mascara is my go to mascara. I apply it to both my top and bottom lashes. Depending on the day, I curl my lashes with this Sephora curler

Step 11 : I use this MK brush on my eyebrows to remove any lose make up and to shape them. 

 Step 12 : I always use this Yes To! lip balm before I apply anything else. Next up is lip stick. I don't stray too much from this MK lipstick. I'm really conservative with my lip color. Once I apply the lipstick, I go over it with a light layer of this Smashbox gloss to give it a little extra shine. (I've only found the gloss in the Try It Set from Smashbox)

Once that is all done, I'm ready to go. This seriously only takes me 5 minutes, which makes me think I really need to get up earlier. Since I wear glasses, the pictures I took last night didn't work out so well for this post, do a final picture will be added later.

Do you have any favorite make up products?
Do you use any of these?
If you tried this, did it work for you? 

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  1. I wish I could get along with the Garnier BB cream but it breaks down on my skin (this is the oil free version). I don't think the product is bad though, it's just too hot and humid where I live for most things to hold up. :-$



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