Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Year 3 (2012 - 2013)

I feel like our years keep getting better and better, though they all seem to run together. Thankfully I started recapping our years early instead of 10 years from now. Check out how our Year 1 and Year 2 went. 

November 2012 : I started this little ole' blog. I moved from a different address, and I wasn't very good at blogging. I still am not very good at it, but I feel like I have really improved. 

November 2012 : We officially started a new tradition. Christmas Saturday is my favorite day. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. We make festive waffles and watch Christmas Vacation for the first time of the season. We finish off our Christmas decorations by putting up the tree in the living room. And we just enjoy the day together. Occasionally we will have company over, but we don't generally go anywhere.

December 2012 :  C got to go to Rock City for the first time since we moved to Chattanooga. It is a wonderful Christmas time tradition. Hot chocolate and Christmas lights, what isn't to love?

December 2012 :  We opened our Christmas presents early and C got the best gift I have ever given him, a weekend cruise for the first weekend in January! 

January 2013 : We enjoyed our first "grown up vacation" as I like to call it. It was the first vacation where we were more than 4 hours from home. We had a fantastic time and knew then that our anniversary would be spent on a cruise.  

February 2013 : We celebrated Valentine's Day a day early at our favorite little Italian restaurant downtown. It was the first year we actually went out to celebrate. 

March 2013 : We went on a long backpacking trip and I didn't die

April 2013 : I got to run my first mud run with my step-sister. 

May 2013 : We watched as my littlest and last brother graduated from high school. It was such a bittersweet moment. I only have 1 sister left in high school! 

June 2013 : We spent countless nights talking about life out on the back deck. We learned a lot about each other. That and we drank a lot of wine. 

June 2013 : We went on family vacation, and my sister photo bombed every picture she could. 

July 2013 :  We showed our red, white, and blue pride as we celebrate America's birthday! Obviously it included a festive breakfast. 

July 2013 : We made the bad decision to make a day trip to Gatlinburg where we sat in traffic way too long. 

July 2013 : We found a great place not far from the house to go rock climbing, and we spent several afternoons there. 

August 2013 : C turned 24 and we celebrated with donuts, jet skis, and a steak dinner. 

August 2013 : I finally got the picture I have been dying to get since we moved to Chattanooga!

August 2013 : I spent a weekend away from C so I could spend the weekend with my mom and sisters in the Caribbean

September 2013 :  My sister got married!! 

September 2013 : With the beautiful start to fall we had, we spent countless nights in downtown Chattanooga. And we ran a lot on the Walnut Street Bridge. 

September 2013 : C said yes to the tattoo I have wanted since we got married. It is my most meaningful tattoo! 

September 2013 : We went to a wedding at a zoo which meant that we finally got to see the Chattanooga zoo. 

October 2013 : After almost 3 years, we finally got to do a mini photo shoot so we could finally get some pictures of us that weren't candid shots.

October 2013 : We somehow managed not to die when we went white water rafting.

OCtober 2013 : We spend our 3rd anniversary hundreds of miles away on a cruise! You can check out that recap here.

We are half way to our 4th anniversary, and this year is shaping up to be another awesome year of marriage! I can't wait to see what the rest of this year holds for us!

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