Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Year 2 (2011 - 2012)

Going back and looking at our first year was a lot of fun. It was a walk down memory lane that was needed. It is amazing how quickly you can forget about things. Year 2 was the year where we did a lot of moving. It is also the year we extended our family. 

October 2011 :  My anniversary present was tickets to see Disney on Ice. Sure it was meant for little kids, but I didn't care. I grew up on Disney, so I really enjoyed it. I think C even enjoyed it.

October 2011 :  We used our pumpkins we got on our anniversary to carve. It was the first time I had carved a pumpkin since I was little. I'm not sure what C was thinking when he carved his. It looks like his pumpkin exploded, which might have been what he was going for.

November 2011 :  We enjoyed a weekend in Gatlinburg with my dad's side of the family. There were like 14 of us, and it was all fun and games. There is always a lot of laughing going on when we get together with them.

December 2011 : We celebrated our first Christmas in Chattanooga. Unfortunately we only got to walk downtown. Chattanooga has so much to offer at Christmas, and we missed it all our first year. But There is nothing like a Tennessee Christmas! 

January 2012 : We moved into our first apartment. We grew a lot in our relationship during this time. 

February 2012 :  We had the best Valentine's day ever. It included a marshmallow fight and building forts in the living room. 

April 2012 :  We celebrated Easter at the beach with family. It was a great little getaway even if it was freezing!

May 2012 :  We showed our love and support as my little sister graduated from high school. I'm still wondering when she grew up? It seems like yesterday she was only 5. 

June 2012 : We were blessed to watch as my dad and step mom tied the knot in the beautiful Art District in downtown Chattanooga. 

June 2012 :  I think C finally fell in love with Chattanooga. We went to Riverbend and had a blast. I really feel like this month was the turning point in C's attitude towards Chattanooga. 

July 2012 : The cruise vacations continue. We went on a summer vacation with family again. Lots of vacations with family. 

August 2012 : I surprised C with a weekend in Gatlinburg for his birthday. It was great for just us to get away. Little did C know that when we got back, our family would be extending. 

August 2012 : Chaco joined our family and worked her way into C's heart. She was/is the happiest, silliest, most loving puppy in the world! She is such a great addition to our family!

September 2012 : We said goodbye to our apartment.

September 2012 : And hello to a house. We moved into my dad's house since he had gotten married and wasn't living there any more. 

October 2012 : We continued our tradition of going to Ellijay for apples and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins!

October 2012 : We celebrated our 2nd anniversary by finally getting to have lunch together, which never happens, and we took a class for our concealed carry permits. Obviously it was C's year to pick our anniversary plans. 

Do you remember your 2nd year of marriage? 
Do you and your spouse alternate on making anniversary plans? 

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