Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dogs Are Family.

Last night my world came crashing down. Last night has been propably the worst night of my adult life. Let me explain.

Almost 2 years ago, on our way home from a weekend in Gatlinburg, C and I stopped and picked up the cutest little dog I had ever set my eyes on. She was getting ready to be taken to the pound, and was skin and bones. She was sad, and you could tell her spirits had been broken. But it didn't take long for that to change. I let C name her because I wanted a dog and he didn't, and naming her was my way of convincing him to like her. After much consideration, he picked Chaco. She quickly won her way into C's heart, and we officially became dog people. She is an outside dog, which trust me, I hate. When we moved into my dad's house after he got married and left, she was inside for a few months, then he told us she couldn't be inside, so we make the best of a bad situation. From time to time she gets to come inside. She knows she is loved. We goes on walks, and hikes. She gets lots of belly rubs and tennis balls to chase. She is know to destroy a toy in 3.7 seconds, and sneak her way onto the couch when we aren't looking. Though she doesn't steal our food which is nice.

She is part of the family. I love her more than words can say and as a fur mom, I will do anything to protect her. We spoil her with lots of love and treats. She gets doggy ice cream on hot days and fuzzy blankets on the cold days. She has more toys than I have shoes, which is a lot. She has stolen our hearts and will forever be a part of the family. In fact, she is family. Some people may not agree, but I feel like being a dog mom is preparing me for motherhood, which makes what happened so much worse.

She has taught me what it is like to care for someone/thing that can't speak to tell me what they need. She has taught me responsibility for someone other than myself. She relies on me to make sure she is fed, cleaned, and healthy. Baking treats for her and cleaning up after her have also helped with basic household duties.

She loves most all of the holidays because she always gets festive treats and toys. She hates Halloween though because she knows it means we will dress her up in her black cat costume, and well, she hates that.

She brings so much joy into our lives. She greets us every day with a wagging tail and a tongue ready to lick our faces. She loves us. She loves to cuddle and sit on my lap, even though she is far too big for that. She will sit right next to me and can tell when I don't feel good, or when something is wrong. 

She loves to meet new people, which always means she is ready to jump and give "kisses" to strangers. She is a quick learner, and loves when we teach her new things. PetSmart is her favorite place. She is even super well behaved at the vet.

She loves taking selfies and is super sneaky about it. But that isn't all she is sneaky with. Last night, we fed Chaco around 6 pm. When we went to give her the flea/tick and heart worm prevention medicine at about 8 pm after we had eaten dinner, we noticed that she wasn't barking or whining like she usually does. Then the horror set in. She was gone. But not like "gone," she was long gone. We walked all through the area behind our house. We drove through our subdivision. We squeaked her favorite toy over a billion times, and called her name even more. We drove to the road that is behind our subdivision, and we called her name a several thousand more times. Nothing. 

How could I be so careless? The anger I felt with myself was overwhelming. I cried an ugly cry, but none of that helped. She was still gone. We spent hours looking for her. Finally, we knew we weren't getting anywhere, so we went to bed. This morning, I was up before my alarm clock at 5:30 am ready to go look for her again. Still no luck. We aren't going to stop looking for her though. She is part of the family, and my heart hurts not having her home. C is going home on lunch to look for her, and I am praying my heart out that she will be there. 

So for anyone who knows anyone in the Soddy Daisy, TN area, please ask them to keep an eye out for her. Her collar can be seen above. Her name tag has her name and my phone number on it. She is missed dearly, and we are praying for her safe and speedy return home to us. Our home is not complete without her. Our family is missing a member, and it breaks our heart. We love you Chaco. Come home soon! 

**UPDATE : I recieved a call around 2 pm letting me know someone found Chaco. I can't wait to hug the sneakiness right out of her!**

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  1. I am glad that your furbaby was found safe and sound. I also am (or should I say was) the dog person in our marriage until I convinced my hubby we needed a puppy. He may get frustrated with her but loves her dearly.... Our pets are ur family too....



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