Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why we went Paleo

Since I hurt my back, I have been unable to work out. It sucks too because I had just started to really get back into fitness. I'll be honest, my diet was horrible. It was full of foods that I knew I shouldn't be eating, like pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. So, after some research and talking to friends and family who are currently living the paleo lifestyle, C and I decided it was something that we wanted to try out.

Now, for most people, this lifestyle might not work, but for us, it works. When we first started, we weren't sure that we would be able to stick to it. In fact, we actually tried it for a few weeks, then stopped. When we went back to our normal eating habits, we realized how horrible it made us feel. When we attempted to try Paleo again, we stuck to it. Our main concerns were milk, cheese, and pasta. Those were pretty big staples in our house. Once we got through the first week, it was a breeze. We didn't miss the milk, cheese, or pasta like we thought we would.
The benefits of this lifestyle are what has really sold us. We feel better. We are sleeping better. I feel like I am more focused. I get more work done, and I am more energized all day. Food tastes better. All in all, this lifestyle suits us. And it means I am finally eating my veggies. I'm pretty sure my mom would be happy about that.
Have you ever considered trying the Paleo lifestyle? Do you have any favorite Paleo recipes you are willing to share? 

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