Thursday, May 1, 2014

Puppy Love : A week late recap

So, I took an unexpected blogging break, then I took another blogging break. I was mentally worn down with how crazy busy we have been since the first of the year, and with my back injury. I missed blogging though, and I am hoping I don't take anymore unexpected breaks for a while. So, because I failed to write my planned post, how about a quick recap of what we have been up to.

We took Chaco to the vet for her yearly shots. It broke my heart when they had to hold her down to draw blood. She was freaking out a little bit and kept looking at me like, "MOM!! Help me please!" I almost cried. It was worth it though because we are happy to report that we have a happy, healthy puppy! 

Chaco being so well behaved made me beg C to take her to PetSmart. She hasn't been out and social with other dogs since we got her because the one time she was around another dog, she freaked out. But I have been feeling like a bad puppy mom, so socialization is happening with her. She did wonderful with the other dogs, and even played a little with them. She was super sweet the entire time we were out, even when all 35 lbs of her was sitting on my lap in the car.

I finally added her name tag to her collar, and I can say I love that we went with this one. I'll have to look back ans see where I got it though. She has been the very best puppy any girl could ask for.

Friday night was spent grocery shopping, and C surprised me with these beautiful flowers. Good thing is I know he isn't apologizing for anything. He just got them for me because he loves me. 

I told you our puppy was great right?? She even got a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon on Saturday. What can I say, she was super good all week, so a treat was well deserved. 

Saturday afternoon, I had the joy of taking some pictures for a very dear friend of mine and her son. It was such a blessing to get to see these two and take these pictures for them.

Sunday was spent working on the house. Some serious landscaping was done, and we started our renovations on the back deck. I am really hoping that we are completely finished by the end of May. I can't wait to enjoy it!! 

Monday we survived the tornado warning that we had. We camped out in the basement with the pups until it was over, and then I slept soundly. The rest of our week has been a bore. With the rain, we have been stuck inside all week. I am really looking forward to the bright sunshine we are getting today!! And on the plus side, tomorrow is Friday!! 

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