Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Honeymoon

I'm really enjoying these picture posts. I am an aspiring photographer, so pictures speak more to me than words do sometimes, especially when it comes to memories. So that is how I have decided to share our love story, wedding, and beyond.

One surprise that came was that our wedding night, we spent in the St Regis in ATL. It was a gift from my dad, and it was a great end to our wedding day.

When we got married though, I had just quit my job because they weren't going to let me off for my wedding, so we were living on 1 income at the time. We were young, and we had just a little in savings. So our honeymoon was no where near extravagant. It was simple just like we were. It suited us. We went to Gatlinburg for the week. Getting married in the fall, then honeymooning in the mountains was perfect. The colors were so beautiful. Unfortunately it rained most of the week, and I'll be darned if Aunt Flo didn't decide to visit. With all the downs, so to speak, we enjoyed Gatlinburg by being a couple of typical tourists and enjoying everything from the Ripley's attractions, to Dixie Stampede, to the Sky Life, to Obergatlinburg. And since we both had recently turned 21, we enjoyed the 3 wineries that Gatlinburg had. They have 4 now, with the new one being our favorite. It was great week, and neither of us wanted to leave, but we had to get back to reality.

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