Monday, May 5, 2014

A Chattanooga filled Weekend!

Guys, this weekend was amazing! Overly amazing and I just can't contain my happiness. First off, Friday I left work early because C's brother, his wife, and their son were coming up. So my weekend was off to a great start. Win # 1. Then I found out strawberries are finally here! Win #2! On my way home, C and I decided to go have lunch. Win # 3.

C got off work about an hour early. Win #4. We had already made plans with our visitors to go to a Chattanooga Lookouts game, so we packed up and headed out. And it wouldn't be us without a funny face...

C and I have lived in Chattanooga for a little over 3 years now, and this was his first Lookouts game. We got to mark something off our bucket list. Plus, our seats were great. Win #5. 

Our nephew finally warmed up to us while at the game. It was so fun to watch him and C interact. I know that C is going to make a great dad. 

We grabbed dinner at Lupi's on the way home, and I have to say that I love their whole wheat pizza way more than I should. And they know how to make a pepperoni pizza. The key is tons of pepperoni. Win # 6. Saturday morning, we met up with C's brother, his wife and their son for breakfast, then it was off to the aquarium. Once again, in the 3 years we have lived here, C and I haven't been. I went when I lived in Chatty for college, but I don't think C had been since he was a kid. Needless to say, he loved it. Win # 7.

After the aquarium, it was time for ice cream. The Ice Cream Show is by far the best place for ice cream in Chattanooga. My favorite is chocolate with cookie dough and peanut butter cups in a waffle cone. BOOM! Win # 8. 

We said good bye to our visitors, which was pretty hard to do, then C and I headed back to the aquarium to change our day tickets into season passes. Since we were already downtown and we weren't ready to go back home, we decided to go back through the aquarium. Win # 9. 

The otters are my favorite, so I stood watching them for what felt like hours but was probably only about 5 minutes. I would totally have an otter as a pet if I could! Win # 10. 

The penguin exhibit wasn't nearly as crowded as the first time we went through, so we stood and watched them. Penguins amaze me and I always want to go watch Happy Feet after I see them. 

We knew we would probably sit and just watch the fish for a while, and that is exactly what we did. Win # 11. I could sit in front of the big tank for hours if they would let me. 

When we finally walked under the tank, C jumped into one of the viewing areas. I would so live here. I would sleep so great every night. 

After the aquarium, we were hungry, so we headed off to go to Taco Mac, but decided that since our weekend had been all about Chattanooga, that we should keep dinner local, so we went to Big River Grille & Brewing Works. Win # 12.

C had tacos and a beer sampler. I had mac & cheese. I tell you what, I have never had such amazing mac & cheese. It was so good that I am planning on begging C to go back later this week! Win # 13.

After dinner, we were off to another Lookouts game. We had so much fun at the one on Friday night, that we couldn't resist not going Saturday. We sat through the entire game. Win #14.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Krispy Kreme. The one in town had been closed for a few months, and they finally opened back up this weekend. And the "Hot" sign was on! Win # 15.

After we got home, our time was spent outside working on the back porch. We are reconstructing the back deck, so we knew we had better get a start on it. Obviously Chaco and I were no help. 

There was decking to the far window, so getting all that down was a huge blessing. And we planned out how we are going to change it up. Win # 16. Our evening ended with us tired and feeling accomplished!

Our weekend was stuffed full of Chattanooga fun and it reminded me just how much I love this city!

Happy Monday!


  1. just came across your page
    i actually live up in nashville
    i love chatt though the aquarium is amazing
    love the blog btw

    1. Thanks fo stopping by!! I love the aquarium! Which would be why we went through twice in one day! :)

  2. Oh man I love the Chattanooga Aquarium! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

    1. It is pretty great. They have made some changes sine the last time I went that I was pretty shocked at, but they have a big otter exhibit now which I love!

  3. Love your blog! I actually came across it on the southern bloggers page. My husband and I live in Chatt as well! Looks like you are loving it too! We love the aquarium & the baseball games... those turkey legs, mmm!
    Blessings, friend!




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