Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Favorites


Spring is finally here! Well almost. I know some parts of the country are still in snow or have freezing temps. But here in TN, we are getting 60-80 degree weather every day. It is simply glorious. For all those who still have Mr. Winter sticking around, I'm sending warm thoughts your way!

Spring is an okay time of year for me. With all the pollen, I can't breathe most days and I always have Kleenex with me. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the warm weather and bright sunshine. We have a rule in our house. When it is between 60-80 degrees outside, we spend the evenings outside. Since we cleaned up our back deck, it makes it a lot easier to want to be outside.

We usually live in our hammocks all spring and fall. The ENO hammocks are our favorite. And I just love the teal/purple combo. So bright and spring like. We also love having a fire going. We are in the process of making some major back yard renovations, and a fire pit is in the works, but for now, the square fire pit from Target is our favorite. We grill out as often as possible. Our back deck is sure to get a ton of use this year!

Spring time also brings one of my favorite things, Picnics. After being stuck inside all winter, picnics happen all spring long! I am just loving this new blanket from Crate and Barrel. And those food boxes! Who can resist? There are a ton of other items that match, and if you are like me, matching is key.

And we can't forget a few beauty basics now can we? I am usually an EOS girl all the way, but come warm weather time, I seem to always forget them in my car and they melt. So in spring and summer, I tend to switch to the Yes To Lip Balm with SPF. They are smaller, so if I do forget them in the car, less mess to clean up. And how about that purple Essie polish? With the color of the year being radiant orchid, I knew purple polish was in my future. I love Essie as it is, but I really love this color. It is prefect for Spring!

As always cute shoes and adorable dresses are must haves as well!

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