Monday, March 3, 2014

The Glamorous Life

I am not even sure where to begin. This weekend was the best weekend I have had in years! Friday night, we ended up skipping Fajita Friday and instead had an at home date night complete with a candle lit dinner and watching Frozen for the tenth time. Yeah, I know. I'm a little kid at heart. Moving on. 

Saturday morning C and I got to the track just in time for a great cardio workout with my personal trainer. It was death. 

Instead of going home after that, we spent the afternoon out in town enjoying our day. Later in the evening, we went for a run with my step sister. As if cardio that morning wasn't enough. 

Thursday I had made plans for C and I for Saturday night. He knew nothing about what we were doing. All he knew was we had dinner reservations. We got dressed up and headed out. I eventually told him that we were headed to Ruth's Chris. They have been open for a little while now here in Chattanooga, so it was about time we tried it. 

And in true Long tradition, funny faces.

On the way down, C and I talked and laughed about everything. Ironically enough, we love getting dressed up, but we just don't ever do it often enough. The dinner was amazing. The service was amazing. The sweet potato casserole was amazing. It was all amazing. During the course of the evening, C decided we were going to book a hotel room in downtown Chatty for the night. After leaving and heading to the hotel of choice, when we walked in, the girl checking us in asked if we were celebrating anything. C's response, "Saturday." Her response? "Oh, the glamorous life." Our life is no where near glamorous, so I laughed a little. It was really nice though to be spontaneous though.

We enjoyed sleeping in and a fantastic breakfast in bed. The pancakes were to die for. I ate way too much food between dinner and breakfast.

Sunday was spent out in town shopping and seeing the Lego Movie. Again, don't judge. We are little kids at heart, and C played with Legos growing up so he really wanted to see it. We ended the evening with a family get together for a birthday. All in all, this weekend was the best weekend I have had in years! Now here is to hoping that the weekend rolls over to this week and we have an amazing week! 

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