Friday, March 14, 2014


We started this week off with some fantastic weather here in Chattanooga, but things quickly turned cold mid-week. I was so bummed that I stayed inside Wednesday night after work and took a nice long bubble bath. That will teach Mother Nature to send us 30 degree weather a day after we had 80 degree weather. 

Anyway, on to a love list for Friday. Is anyone else glad it is finally Friday? No, just me? Okay. 

Trees Are Sweet T-shirt : We have a party planned that I can't share details about, but it involved ordering something from The Syrup Shop in Vermont. I have heard a lot about their clothes, so I may or may not have ordered C a shirt so that I could wear it and not break my no clothes shopping resolution. Spoiler Alert : Super super comfy shirt!

KT Tape : I've just recently learned how amazing this tape is. I've had serious knee problems for going on 8 years and I tried this. I am so glad I did because now working out is so much easier. Plus it comes in bright colors. Who wouldn't be excited about that.

Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes : I have used the Yes To! brand for a while. I started out just using the face wipes, but I quickly started using a lot of their other products. These are my favorite go to though. In fact, I keep a travel pack in my purse.

Essie : No Place Like Chrome : Who wouldn't love this! I was really nervous that I wouldn't like this color, but after using it, I am in love. It is really a great change from the basic neutral colors I have been using.

BEHR French Court : We are in the process of doing some serious spring cleaning/redecorating around here, and even though I am not ready to reveal the progress yet, I will tell you that this color has made an appearance in our home and I couldn't be more excited! It was exactly the color I was looking for.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Do those face towelettes have a really strong smell? I've always wanted to try them because it'd be so nice to carry them in my purse but my skin is so sensitive to fragrance.



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