Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Muddy Weekend

You would think that considering the weekend we had that pictures would appear on the blog today, but my sd card reader went to crap, so I don't have any this morning. Go figure.

Friday, We packed up and headed to GA. I watched quoted Frozen the entire way down which resulted in me driving C nuts. Go figure.

Saturday morning, we got up way too early to drive to Conyers so that C and his dad could run the Spartan Race. It was muddy obviously,  but he had a blast. We got to visit some family we haven't seen much, so it was a very productive day. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone.

Sunday was spent working around the house. We did a lot of work on the back deck. C replaced some of the wood while I pressure washed. I've officially decided that next time I need something pressure washed, I am hiring someone else to do it. We also started the redecorating process on the guest room. I am so excited to show you guys what it will look like when it is finished! Here is the only before picture I took.

It is an awful yellow color. It had a boarder at the top that we had to take down, and we were lucky that it was fairly easy. I am so excited to get a few rooms finally finished. I am really looking forward to showing you guys what all we have planned. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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