Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Love Story - His View of the Proposal

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Okay, I was asked by my wife if I would write out our proposal story, starting from as far back as I can remember. Hopefully I can remember everything, because that has been 5 years now. Well, lets get started shall we?

There were 2 proposals. There was an unofficial proposal, after we had only been dating for a couple of months. I remember it very clearly. We were sitting on the front porch of my old house. Just sitting there, talking, and enjoying the evening. I looked at her, and I asked her if she would marry me. Like I said, we had only been dating a couple of months, but I knew that she was who I would spend the rest of my life with. That was the first proposal. There was no ring, there was no getting on one knee, we had been having a great day, and we had gotten to know each other well enough to know that we would spend the rest of our life together. It wasn’t our official proposal by any means.

Now onto the official proposal! Okay, so I obviously bought a ring this time. I got it from Kay Jewelers, that’s where I knew my dad had gotten my mothers wedding ring from. So I went there. I knew what kind of engagement ring that Cait wanted. I ordered it up and waited for it. As soon as I got it, it never left my pocket when I was around her. I wanted to have it just in case the perfect moment came up. I took it to my grandparents house, and I took it to a Lincoln Brewster concert, and to dinners, and basically everywhere.

One evening I decided I needed to take care of a few things, namely, asking Cait's parents for their blessing in our marriage. I got Cait to leave the room one night so I could talk to her mother and step father. I sat down in front of them, and I was nervous. I blurted out the words “I wanna marry Cait” or some version of that. They approved, and were fine with it. One down, one to go. I had to talk to Cait's dad next. This was a little bit more difficult because he lived in Tennessee  and we were in Georgia. I had to arrange dinner with him, so I asked Cait to see if he would be interested in dinner one evening. We got together at a Longhorns for dinner. Cait left the table for a moment, and I asked her father for his blessing. He was fine with it. Then he about ruined the surprise when Cait got back by talking about it to her. Somehow, she didn’t catch on, but I thought it was spoiled. So, I did what I had to do.

We left Longhorns, and I had to start planning, and fast. I knew she wanted to have our proposal photographed, so I had to figure something out. And I had to figure out where. So I ended up pulling over and I made a phone call to a friend who was interested in photography at the time and asked if she could meet us downtown and what my plan was. I of course had the ring in my pocket, so that was good. I had to stall as best as I could until my friend could get closer. We went the long way to downtown. We walked around and danced a bit. Then, my friend showed up and she did a pretty convincing job of looking like she was just out walking around with her camera. Once I saw her, I got down on one knee, she started taking pictures, and I pulled out the ring, and I told Cait that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I asked her to marry me…

Her response?

“Are you sick?”

And then she made my life when she told me that yes, she would be my wife.

More pictures were taken, family was told, and then, a little over a year later, we tied the knot!


  1. Oh so sweet! I loved hearing both sides!

  2. This is such a sweet story! I love hearing about proposals!


  3. This is so awesome! And way to go on his part to whip something so great up so fast!!



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