Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Favorite Fitness Gear - Hot Temps Edition

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I am praying that all this cold weather is gone, and spring is finally on the way. I've been dreaming of shorts and sunnies for a long time now. I'm especially excited about shorts this year because I feel like I will be able to wear since I have been working out like a mad woman. So with spring comes warmer temps, and eventually summer and the crazy heat. Gotta love southern season. So here are a few of my favorite things that will get me through the warmer weather workouts!

Nike Flow Dri-FIT Tir-Blend Tank : I love this tank. I love it so much that I wear it as a casual summer shirt. The racer back is probably my favorite part. I tried several different tanks and this one ultimately won out. I love that it fits like it should and the seams aren't huge. It is comfortable and super light weight. And did I mention the color choices? I feel like there are a thousand different colors to choose from.

Nike Tempo 3.5 Running Shorts : Nike seems to have won me over for summer workout apparel. I have several of these shorts. I wear them when working out or even lounging around the house. All the ones I have have a small pocket for you to keep a key or maybe chap stick in. What I really love is that the tanks and shorts can match. Fashion isn't high on my list of must haves when it comes to workout clothes, but when it just works that I match effortlessly, it is a win in my book.

Nike Feather Light Visor : I have worn one of these once, and I loved it. I loved it so much, that I am dying for one of my very own. I wear glasses 24/7 basically, so I can't just wear any sunnies when I need to watch where I am going. For me a great visor is the way to go. I love that it is super light because the one thing I hate is wearing a hat that is really heavy. I don't have to constantly adjust this visor and I love that!

CamelBak Insulated Eddy : We all know just how important water is to our health, so when I work out, I always have water near me. In the winter, my water always stays cold no matter what. Summer is a different story. I love the CamelBak Eddy water bottle anyway, so the insulated is just even better for when the temperature rises. It keeps my water from getting extremely hot and for that I am grateful!

Hopefully I will be using all of these very soon!

Do you have any hot temp fitness favorites?

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  1. I'm obsessed with fitness gear! I basically live in my running shorts + tanks/tees in the summer. But I've never seen those insulated camelbaks! Awesome!



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